CaidenKoel Chapter 02 07

A little blurb here, mostly since I keep missing the update by a day.  There is NOT an update next week.  This is a planned vacation miss.  :D  My daughter is starting school the next week and I need to make sure everything is prepared for her!!  - Tiff

12 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 02 07

  1. Love Caiden’s eyeroll in the second panel.

  2. Koel looks so shocked and hurt.

  3. Based on the notes Tiff sent me on the pages, I believe it’s more a submissive gesture than an eyeroll. Like Koel is saying ‘I’m the alpha Shivae right now and you will eat if I say you will.’

    1. Yup, he’s not being disrespectful, just purposely avoiding eye contact. The jaw snapping and shoving is a display of dominance, since he can’t fight back and is clearly still weak – and needs to eat. She’s proving the point more than anything.

      1. dillydolly@yahoo.com

        How canine-like! Keep in mind, with wolves and dogs (and other animals as well) the whole dominance theory has been long thrown. Behaviorists (ones who are formally trained—not wannabe self-proclaimed experts like Cesar Milan—he has good intentions but has done a lot of harm) don’t use the word “dominance” anymore to describe animal behavior. I can provide links, but it is really easy to Google as there’s lots of good and fascinating articles on it. About 4 of my friends are behaviorists so this is how I found out.

        1. That’s not what they’re based on. 😀 More of a mix of birds/chicken observations/large birds, etc and dinosaur research.

        2. dillydolly@yahoo.com

          That’s amazing! Chickens are practically little dinosaurs. Ever see the TedTalk about them? It’s really cool!

        3. No, family had them when I was growing up and they’re evil little cannibalistic monsters. 😀 They’d eat ANYTHING that fell into their pen. Sparrows, lizards, mice. They’re also cute and affectionate when raised with a lot of human contact and talk to you.

        4. dillydolly@yahoo.com


          They are fearsome birds! My grandmother was raised on chicken farm. When she married my grandfather (a farmer) she made him promise they’d never have chickens. Very intelligent beasties. A number of my friends own coops, but I can’t do birds (my dogs would eat them) or plants (I kill them). Guess the farmer gene is skipped me. 😉

  4. Ha ha. I thought he had fainted. Because he is weak.

  5. I’d like to think you’d be better off basing them on Vasas, Tiff, though it seems as if you already are. Vasa parrots are omnivorous black parrots that hunt. The only thing they don’t do that all other parrots do is pair-bond. Honestly with their high intelligence and being likely closer genetically to raptors genetically I think parrots in general would make a much better reference than chickens. Heck, I had assumed up to this point that they were based on a cross between parrot and wolf behavior. It certainly seems it.

    1. *reads up on it* 😀 Nope,but that’s neat.

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