CaidenKoel Chapter 02 01

8 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 02 01

  1. Pigs! This is perfect! …don’t get gored!

    1. Look more like tapirs to me, with that trunk-like snout.

      1. I think they are rooters. We saw the gryphons hunting them in Vas (in the northern gryphon origins folktale), and that’s what they called them. Whether shivae also call them rooters, though, I don’t know.

        1. Haha yeah, I was using pigs as shorthand. XD

          Now I’m going to be interested to see how easily Koel takes advantage of the situation! We know these are good prey for predators, but as the male is showing us, they are clearly not defenseless. But after failing in her fishing, it would be good if she could bring something back for Caiden…

          The rooter design is really excellent, I think. With that aggressive display of trunk-up, teeth-out, the male truly looks terrifying and disturbing. Which isn’t an easy concept to come across with a pig-creature! Kudos to Syke for her design on these things. (On the other hand, the baby piggies are adorable and I’m going to be sad if Koel eats one. ;_; Why does yummy food have to be so cute in the wild!?)

        2. I agree the scary rooter is very well done, though I think most wild pigs are pretty scary. A full-grown aggressive pig can be seriously dangerous, even without the impressive tusks!

  2. No new Shivae this week? ;_;

    1. I don’t know. I cut the deadline kinda close this week – didn’t finish & send the pages until Sat morning, so maybe Tiff hasn’t had time to edit them.

      1. I’ll be uploading it shortly. I’ve spent the day in Dallas after dropping our daughter off to go to Heart camp and watching IDR. 😀

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