CaidenKoel Chapter 01 10

I figured out last week that I had skipped prepping these pages after I uploaded the chapter image. :D  Then I forgot to finish doing my word bubbles. :D  I did that this morning and got it fixed. - Tiff

2 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 01 10

  1. Oh yay! More conversation with pretty boy! 😀 I love the landscape in panel 1, wow. The backgrounds in this chapter have been just gorgeous.

    Koel is so cute and serious when she’s on her own! haha. She’s a smart girl and won’t take the chance of leaving Caiden alone for long.

    If I were Karu (and not an evil boy out looking for a defenseless female XD; ) I would offer to help Koel fish to show her how helpful I can be, so she’d learn to trust me. :3

    1. I’m very happy you’ve been liking the colouring. :3 Tiff decided to leave a lit of the lineart out of the backgrounds so I could do them in my painterly style. She also let me design Karu’s marking this time around and since I’ve been calling him Peacock Boy for so long I decided to really play up the peacock look. XD

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