CaidenKoel Chapter 01 09

4 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 01 09

  1. Mmm, yeah, peacock in looks, peacock in attitude.

  2. Karu is pretty! I feel a bit bad for them.

  3. I like his coloring. Just because his ear-feathers look a little bit peacock-ish doesn’t mean he’s a strutting showoff, we just met him. Heck, Caiden might refuse to stay with Koel once healed and she’ll wind up with this fellow: He did say he wasn’t worthy to be her mate with just one foreleg, right? It’s all up in the air. He is very pretty. I like the color pattern.

  4. Eeee Karu! I am so in love with his re-design! I really liked his old blue/green/white coloring, but peacocks are some of my favorite animals and I adore his new look. The markings are just gorgeous and very unique compared to most Shivae markings we’ve seen in the comic thus far. (Most Shivae I’ve noticed seem to just be two-colored, or two colors plus tiger-like stripes.)

    My favorite panel of this page is 2. Koel looks so rad when she’s all fluffed up and threatening! She’s a tough girl and though she’s young, she’s no damsel in distress. She’s always been one of my favorite Shivae characters.

    I think it’s interesting that this scene sort of mirrors one of Koel’s earliest scenes at the beginning of this comic series. When I read this, I couldn’t help but think back to that time when she was with Mura and she met Caiden and his brother. The difference between now and then is that Koel is much more suspicious of strangers now and reacts to a new male with hostility rather than friendliness, I’m sure partly because she’s on her own this time but also because she’s grown up and has learned to be more careful with whom she trusts. A nice bit of character development for her.

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