CaidenKoel Chapter 01 03

7 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 01 03

  1. fhjsdhfjkdf holy cow Mura is blue now!?!

    1. I think she’s dark grey/black with sheen to her feathers, which lends her a little of the light blue sky’s colour.

    2. Yes, it’s just the lighting of bright blue sky reflecting on shiny feathers. She’s still black and gold.

      1. Oh whew! That was quite a shock to my system, when the page loaded. On my monitor she’s super blue.

  2. Aww, at least he’s eating again. That’s the road the health.

  3. Is it my imagination or has Caiden’s colors changed a bit? The darker parts seem darker and more muted. He didn’t seem to have so much white/light blue on his head before, either. His markings remind me of an orca. Makes his face (the less wounded part) more expressive.

    1. I made the shading more muted because it’s nighttime, but I often tend towards using a soft colour palette when painting. As for the markings, I tried hard to match Tiff’s designs, but not being Tiff, my painting will always look different.

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