CaidenKoel Chapter 01 01

4 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 01 01

  1. I had horrible nightmares after my spinal surgeries – when I could sleep at all (my record is 1 month with no more than 1/2 – 2hrs of sleep once every few days). Fortunately I didn’t thrash, but I definitely know exactly what Caiden is feeling. 🙁 Poor shivae…

  2. I was kind of hoping to compare the old version of this to the updated version. Ah well. I can see the difference over time your style to your Shivaes though looking forward to reading this with the updated style of them and Flowerlark’s coloring. 🙂

    1. I believe the originals are still up on Deviant Art. 🙂 It’s so cool getting to see the pages in color now!

      1. I looked and the original cover and first five pages were indeed in Tiff’s devart gallery, but the remaining six pages aren’t. I’m colouring the last two remakes now, which I believe is the end of chapter 1. After that will be all new material!

        Also, a link to Tiff’s DeviantART for anyone who doesn’t know where to find it:

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