CaidenKoel 05 08

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  1. for some reason the layout is kinda messed up and the comic is really small

  2. Is…is that what I think it is, or is it a result of the venom? Now I’m worried for Karma Snake :/. Looking forward to more ^^

    1. I don’t think it’s rabies because rabies is a mammal-only disease. It could be his reaction to the intense pain he’s in, or the reaction of his body fighting off the snake venom, or he caught an illness due to his lowered immune system while his body is fighting the venom.

      1. Fair point, but the leaking of the various fluids that can carry the virus is a bit telling. Either way, I don’t think we’re going to have to worry about peacock boy for much longer.

        1. I’m confused as to how rabies could be a possible thing that’s going on when earlier, we clearly see that Karu was bitten and injected with venom. Rabies isn’t caused by venom; it’s caused by a virus. And I’m pretty sure rabies isn’t the only thing that can cause things like excessive salivation.

        2. IT’s not rabies, it’s just part of the reaction to the venom. 😀

  3. not in the shape you’re in, buddy

  4. What a truly gruesome image! And the page right before the end of the arc! What a cliffhanger, as well!

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