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  1. I don’t think Koel realizes that his motivation was “Murder the hypoteneuse of the love triangle, and take the lady for myself.”

    1. Omg ‘murder the hypotenuse’ is the most hilarious phrase I’ve ever heard. XD We should submit it to for situations like this!

      1. That is where they took the expression from. Its an old TV Tropes page.

  2. We should check on him.

    And then put him out of his misery. <..> O:-)

  3. And Koel… oh Koel… -sighs and shakes head-

    (I would complain of her life choices more but I hope this means we get to see more of Karu cuz I luuuuv him cuz he’s so pretty and evil~ )

  4. Koel’s Logic-

    Issue: My boyfriend has just been attacked by the same shivae that I got bad vibes from prior. What am I to do with this blatant attempt to take the life away from my partner?

    Solution: Check on him and make sure that the offending shivae is okay, of course!

    Koel. Taking the phrase ‘Help Thy Neighbor’ a little too far.

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