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  1. Caidan: “I have wisps on me… what do I do to keep them from biting me?!”

    Karma Snake: “You’re okay, you didn’t almost stomp any of us, so you can stick around!”

    Caidan: “Yessir! Thank you! pleasedontbiteme”

  2. Heh, Caiden’s face is priceless. But dang, that is some fast acting venom, to knock out (or possibly kill) something the size of a shivae.

    1. The wisp bit him at one of the worst possible times. He was already starting his attack, so his heart was racing and his oxygen use was at its maximum. The venom hits the heart and brain as a big slug of it rather than reaching them more slowly over a period of time. If it knocks out breathing, or the cellular processes that allow oxygen to be used it will have the maximum effect right now.

      1. He also got a strong dose of venom. Like snakes, Wisps can choose to bite in defense without delivering any venom or just a tiny bit, depending on the size of the prey. In this case, being stepped on caused a reactive bite and an extreme one. There are two components to wisp venom. One that causes paralysis and one that destroys tissue. They wouldn’t be able to kill a full grown, healthy Shivae, but knocking them out is easy. The venom will destroy the leg muscles at the point where he was bitten and it will not heal. You don’t want to get bit by a wisp, especially an angry one.

        I also have to add, one fang delivers the paralysys causing venom, the other delivers a tissue destroying one. What fang they use depends on the prey size, danger, just how hungry they are, and how full their venom sacs are. I learned a lot about venomous snakes and how they bite over the years. 😀

        1. Fascinating stuff, thank you!

        2. So I wonder if the wisp used both fangs, and if so how much tissue can get destroyed? Like, would Peacock boy be losing a leg (the irony!) or is he just knocked out? And I wonder why did the snakes land on Caidan?

        3. He’s a convenient high spot and they don’t have anything to fear from him as well as needing to send him a message. They don’t like wasting venom.

        4. Tissue destroying venom causing wounds in a leg, and it won’t heal. He’ll have to learn how to hunt with a lifetime handicap.

          These really are Karma snakes!

  3. Those Karma Snakes really did a number on Karu there. And considering the nature of that venom… it really does seem karmic.

  4. Well! No shivae vs. shivae fight after all, it seems!

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