I LOVE this piece.  It's Daemonschile's Rashile and yes, it IS a chapter break image. I also want my readers to know something.  I'm going to be scripting the last pages to Vas this week.  It will be COMPLETE.  Then I'm going to work on finishing Caiden and Koel, which is pretty much scripted to its end as well.  It's not 'the end' though, because there is a Zaya continuation and likely there will be more Caiden and Koel, although I may keep doing them in black and white. When I complete Caiden and Koel, the comic that I have been working up to doing will begin.  The actual Shivae! comic.  I've been holding off on it while I develop my skills over the years, so that I can color it the way I want to color it. I am also working on Journey, which will be posted in the Patreon group as it's worked on. - Tiff

2 thoughts on “2014-05-11

  1. Rashile! She’s so pretty!

  2. WOW this is such exciting news!! I can’t WAIT to finally see the end of Vas! It’s been such a long long time coming…. years and years! But I’m not sad at all to hear it’s ending, since the story will continue with Caiden and Koel. Those two have always been some of my fave charas. (Perhaps someday we’ll see some chicks for them! 😀 )

    And OMG the “actual Shivae! comic”!? I am drooling with the very idea!! New characters, new story! So awesome! I wish I had money to support you so I can see Journey. It sounds amazing and I’m sad I will never be able to read it. 🙁 It feels like a little piece of this world that has been denied to me. But I’ll be happy with the actual comic and with the Caiden/Koel comic.

    I do so love the aquatic Shivae and I hope we get to see them in comic form and not just in art, someday. ^_^

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