Guys, those three are chicks. :D There's nothing wrong with them other than they haven't had a good meal in months. And yes, shivae regurgitate meat, usually gulping it down to soften it for chicks or ill shivae. - Tiff

5 thoughts on “2014-02-16

  1. DAWWWWWWWWWWWW, he shared chunkies… (that might explain why the blue&white one is making an “…ew?” face)

  2. Ah, I didn’t realise Shivae regurgitated food like birds or wolves. Looks like those cold Shivae may swoop in and steal it though…

    1. I think the cold shivae were waiting to attack.

      I don’t think they will after the offer of kindness.

  3. Guess that was him triggering his gag reflex in the last comic, not sharpening his claw.

  4. Aha! With patience it all becomes clear! 😀

    These weren’t like the sick Shivae that attacked Vas, this was a mom and her three chicks in a hard season and they were trying to approach Triv’s kill without making him mad. (Big healthy male = scary!) He saw their need was more than the need of him and his son, so he regurgitated what he ate and left the rest of the kill for them too.

    More proof that Triv is the most awesome daddy Shivae ever. 😀 I hope he meets a nice lady-Shiv and settles down with his two boys by the end of the story!

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