8 thoughts on “11/11/2012

  1. “!” Well, the cubs are learning MUCH faster than expected.

  2. Go Niyht go! I feel terrible rooting for the predators when I’m such a deer fan, but I can’t help it, the kits are so cute. XD And it is “Bambi with Carnivores” of course! 😉

  3. *stalks for new page*

  4. I already sent it. Tiff might just be too busy to post it.

  5. I’ll get it up soon. There isn’t one next week and things got a bit out of control with putting our elderly cat to sleep today.

  6. Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear that! D: I’ll be praying for your family. Losing a loved one, furry or otherwise, is always a terrible ordeal. 🙁

  7. That sucks, Syke. :'(

  8. I’m so sorry to hear that! 🙁 Poor kitty.

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