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Added 11/11/2008 - Caiden and Koel's story is going to diverge at this point.  Please use the NEW hub site to get to their new story, which WILL start updating this week.  I owe two updates this week. D'oh... I forgot what I was doing. :D In response to the posts: With how the shivae culture generally works, the father will drive away males that are unfit for his daughters, often quite visciously.  Young males are usually sent out on their own while the females remain with the parents.  Typically, I think I've noted this elsewhere as well, a male will court a female by joining her clan with initial approval from the father where they begin bonding.  They will normally stay with the family, hunt with them and help raise a clutch of eggs, which is at what point Caiden and Koel were kind of at, learning to be parents. There's a huge problem if the male is crippled in any way and cannot overcome a serious injury or has some other odd behaviour that the father disapproves of.  Mother and father both stand as judge to a young male and a male who does not take the hint to leave can be mauled.  Losing a limb is a severe crippling injury in the eyes of a shivae, since it cuts down on the ability of a male or a female to provide. Shivae crippled in such ways typically remain with or return to their own families if they can where they are taken care of, but they never get out on their own or start a family.

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  1. Uh oh! Poor Caiden. He’s seeing himself as useless to Koel and as unapprovable to her father.

  2. Is like in all American films (I’m writing from Europe). You know who is going to die because all mutilated characters die… is really sad because your injuries don’t define you. I think society usually doesn’t accept heavy injured people like Caiden. I hope this time will be diferent 🙂

  3. Aww, how sweet.

  4. Poor Caiden. *hugs him*

  5. i’m at a lack of words……
    all i can say is this is saddening.

  6. Broken bones and rendered flesh will heal with time. Scars may, and shall apprear, but dignity, once broken is a painful wound.

    Thats my bit for today.

  7. The wounds are more sever than you think, he basicly lost an arm, in the culture that the shiviae live in, that means he is in for some very tough times. This is a life altering event for both of them. It does not mean that one is going to die.
    Through struggle we grow stronger. That far as I have seen proves true for all living tings I know of. I think Caiden has enough strangth of personality to servive this, and grow. In part because of the love that is given to him. Such can give a person reason and ability far beyond the norm for overcoming difacultys, both physical, and mental.
    So I say, do not count him out untell you see his body, and even then, you might have made a mistake.

  8. Kibbe: I second that. Caiden can pull through this. His main problems are the psychological effect of getting maimed and proving that a missing limb isn’t crippling for him.

    On a different note, based on Tiff’s foreshadowing, I expect a downer ending for at least one character’s story. And keep in mind, when Tiff kills a character, she does a good enough job that they stay dead.

  9. I’d gotten the impression already that Caiden was in quite a predicament from that fight (I mean more than the shock of losing a limb). I’m not sure I picked up on all the details of shivae culture provided here, but I wasn’t surprised by any of it.

    I’ve got my own predictions on what will happen when Koel’s father sees Caiden again, but…I’m keeping it to myself. 😉

  10. Oh, oh I liked Caiden. I hope I hope there’s a way for him to stay in the story with Koel.

    He’s certainly a better catch than that brother of his.

  11. Nothing to add to whats aleady been said. Except that each update is a joy to see! I shall try to donate to contribute.

  12. issit me or koel’s eyes looks weird…….


  13. nah i cant wait for the next episode…too awesome

  14. Aww, don’t let him die :C I went through 200 + pages for him to die?!?

  15. I think Caiden will have to heal first, and then get over his self pity enough to prove that he’s still able to be a mate and provider. I knew a female river otter (used to volunteer at a wildlife rehab) who lost a leg to a trap. They weren’t allowed to release her, but she would have been perfectly able to function. It was her attitude that made the difference!

  16. I knew of a story of a three-legged cheetah who could run just as fast as other cheetahs, simply because she’d decided she could. Her name was Subira. Soooo it’s really up to Caiden whether or not he thinks he can provide just as well with a missing arm. And really, he still has more limbs than Koel. XD Two wings, two legs, and an arm puts him at five, and she’s only got four. ;3

  17. Sure maybe Caiden will survive, but you have to consider that Koels father might not allow him to stay despite that as it seems to be implied may happen in the little blurb on Shivae culture.

  18. Caiden sounds like a severly wounded Samurai.

  19. darn it need…update…..cant wait for the next strip….

    (very emotional moment, nice one tiff)

    did i mention the need for update? *bubble….withdrawal..*

  20. YOur still counting him out, and expecting Tiff to do what everyone else does. Koel’s father might be upset about it, but lets be honest, Caiden’s injurys are from saving the younglings. That took curage, and more. Do not count him out yet, just because he has a hard road ahead of him.

  21. We’re all hoping Caiden stays in the story, but we’re worried from what Tiff has outlined for us of Shivae culture. That the Gryphon teacher wasn’t too worried reassures me somewhat, but still, there’s that probability in there that things could get worse for Caiden.

    I’m just praying that Daddy Shivae isn’t hidebound in this case.

  22. Tiiiiiiiiff! must…..have………..Cler …..story………/withdrawals/

  23. Now i am wondering when the Cler arc is going to continue. I love the new Caiden and Koel arc but i had been wondering for a while before it separated when we were going to see Cler and the rest again.

  24. I miss Shivae comics. Seems like your never going to update and I find myself checking every day now.

    Tiffy your making your fans wait!!! waiting makes me sad. )=

  25. Four and a half years later, I found and read this story.

    If there is a continuation, a link to it would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Kinda curious why the Caiden and Koel arc is down, just found the comic and would like to read that arc if possible, 🙂

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