10/29/2008 (8 Comments)

Akaelae is getting extra updates next week - Support details here - And since I'm sick and gong to bed now, whatever I work on after Akaelae is up for grabs.

8 thoughts on “10/29/2008 (8 Comments)

  1. Looks like she’s had her world shaken up.

  2. Ah, so were the feral shivae in Vas wild ones who can’t speak, or were they affected by the tainted meat?

  3. I like Koel’s snarl in panel two.

  4. Indeed, the second last panel depicts that “walked over your grave” heebie-jeebie-creepy-involuntary-shudder feeling. 🙂

  5. I love Mura. It is just so much fun to see when she tells someone something they have no knowledge of and surprise them. Love the facial expressions. 😀

  6. I like Koel’s reaction in panel 7. It really captures the level of reaction that Mura’s warning warrants.

  7. Ah, so THIS is why Shivae were thought to cap out at a “Young Teen” level back in the old Campus Safari RPG days. I always thought the ones in this story were too smart for that to still be cannon, but if the difference is in the “Pet” Shivae’s lack of culture, then it makes scene.

  8. @Flowerlark: Could be a mixture of both. While it could only be the tainted meat. its possible it might be a mixture of both. But that’s just my opinion.

    That does make sense. Mura is once again showing her intelligence and her wisdom. Gotta love the surprised did not know that look.

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