6 thoughts on “10/28/2012

  1. … That cub is a fast learner!

    1. With paws that big, you don’t have to learn too much.. just stick out your paw when the critter runs by. Insta-lunch. XD;

  2. They probably hunted during the summer with their parents, so they likely knew the basics already.

  3. Glad the comic has pikced back up afte 2 years. i hope we get back to Vas and Taun soon feels like weve been with the griffens forever

  4. Eeek! :O Poor deer! I’m glad it’s looking like the young ones are going to be able to take care of their parents now. (I like the blood effect on the last panel. Looks realistic but not gory.)

  5. Just so you guys know- Shivae is going to be late this week. Tiff’s e-mail was acting up and I’ve been dead tired lately. So it’ll probably update Tuesday(ish).

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