10/28/2009 (6 Comments)

15 thoughts on “10/28/2009 (6 Comments)

  1. Yay! Chicks are growing and so cute. And yay, we see Vas for the first time in a while listening to the story. He looks so cute with his curious and somewhat awed look! And Stormclaw’s chest seems to have taken on a red shade. Is there a specific reason her chest feathers/fur (never know which it is with your griffins [or which ever way you spell yours]) are turning red? I didn’t notice until now that the last two before this also had the red chest, I think I thought it was just shading before.

    I can’t choose one panel in this page that I like the most. I love them all

  2. Brilliant! Have they chosen their adult names yet?

  3. they got so big. but their still so cute.

  4. I’m with Snake here.

  5. Eep! Its begun updating!

    Also, talk about growthspurt there 🙂

  6. The Creator always makes good on his promises. 😉
    Nice predatory scene in panel 2! The angle and cat-like grab are perfect.

  7. Any idea when the Shivae comics will be continued? I miss these!

  8. Just curious… any plans to pick up Shivae again in 2011? I know you’re terribly busy, so it’s okay if you can’t get to it. I just love it so much! <3

  9. I miss the Shivae stories….

  10. Ya’know, I’m always reading this and the other shive stories every few weeks. I love them. and it’s killing me to not know what happens next. Please, update!!!

  11. As the others say, update when you can. I love Shivae (both stories) as it was my first introduction to your work. You likely said before, a long time ago, but is this set before or after Cler?

    1. Before Cler.

      1. That’s what I thought. I hope you reach your goal this month. Would donate, but very short on pocket cash at the moment. Dentist appointment next week V.V

  12. It’s been over two years since the last update. Kind of depressing, but update when you can I guess…

  13. Just found this webcomic today. D: I hope you continue it. I luffs it very muches.

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