10/22/2008 (5 Comments)

5 thoughts on “10/22/2008 (5 Comments)

  1. Hooray for an update! Thank you Syke! Poor Koel in the third panel, “so afraid”. *heart*

  2. ah, friendship is a beautiful thing.

  3. Nyah.. cant get over how “cute” Shivae can be. Thanks for the update Syke! Lets see how well Caiden recovers.

  4. I absolutley love how Tiff draws gryphons and shivae. They look so cute I want to give them a snuggle and then run before they bite my limbs off.

  5. i have to agree Kaotix.
    And i could see me attempting chasing one just to pet it, then running from it with hopes it doesn’t catch up!

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