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  1. Oh dear, looks like the gurdan do not care if creatures have stars in their eyes or not when they’re on the hunt. o.o I was not expecting that at all. Apparently their philosophy isn’t as strict as the Shivae when it comes to food. 🙁 How disappointing.

  2. I think he might be chasing the ones who are dumb. Notice the group of does still cluttered around the buck- those he said were his.

    1. That is correct. 🙂 Their method of hunting IS to chase the ones who run, which is an indication of them not ‘understanding’ what they’re told. Note… they will only respect this as long as they are not starving and the deer WILL not take chances when the predators look noticeably thinner.

      1. That’s what I thought, that the ones he was giving chase were the dumb ones. It’s been a long time since I read many of the older Shivae pages. But one thing I remembered was the rule the predators have (minus the scythetails), which is to hunt only the dumb prey, the ones without the stars in their eyes.

  3. Oh! Just like Vas and his brother and the herd of equines! Thanks, that makes more sense now. ^_^

  4. I see breakfast I see lunch, catch them both and we’ll have brunch!

    I hadn’t considered the sentience/non-sentience issues in this hunt. I’m glad it was cleared up before I even realized I could have asked that question.

  5. That is awsome hariman.

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