Updates for today AND next Sunday, COMPLETE! Decided to switch to a more comfortable coloring style. Summer is almost over! - Tiff

5 thoughts on “08/18/2013

  1. I’m so used to Vas being the littlest character compared to everyone else, it’s funny to now see a creature that could comfortably sit on his shoulder.

    Now that they’re on the road again, I worry about that pack of Shivae with no stars in their eyes! o_o I hope enough time has passed since their last attack that Taun would have shown signs if she got the disease from the blood of that one that got in her mouth….though some diseases take a while for symptoms to show, so we’ll just have to wait to see….. >_>;;;

    (I’ve been worrying about this for the past few years! Proving that even if there’s a long time between updates, plot points are still concerning lol)

  2. You know, since he’s been introduced, I’ve thought Liem was a bit of an odd name for a gryphon. In this story, gryphons all seem to have names derived from one or two words of nature. Going back to the comic pages where Vas and Taun first meet this gryphon family, the babies are introduced with the names Moonfire, Stormy, Shadow, Breezy, Cloud, and Spot. The two babies traveling with their mother, Snowtail, were named Cloudwing and Icepaw. So where did Liem come from and why is his name different?

  3. Aw, c’mon, my colouring style’s not comfortable? 😀 I must say, I was rather surprised when you continued with my style at first. You did a darn good job mimicing it. I saw the first update after I stopped and was like, ‘I don’t remember colouring that page.’ Then I realised you had done it. XD

    1. HEHE! A different style takes some getting used to!

  4. Does Sep. count as fall? Will we get updates soon?

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