08/14/2008 (14 Comments)

14. Juran standing before downed Shivae, several others behind her. - See to the injured one. 15. Koel being patted on the head - Shhh ... we are going to help if he is alive.

14 thoughts on “08/14/2008 (14 Comments)

  1. Hmm… Take advantage? Theres a lot more too this then it seems.

  2. YAY!! UPDATE!!! Love the story!! Keep it up.. :smooch: 🙂

  3. “And if he’s not, we’ll make Shivae Pot Pie!”

  4. I wonder… does their idea of the griffins taking advantage of the situation include scavenging the carcass for food or killing a competitor?

  5. It does seem as though they are referring to the gryphons. It appears they know less about the situation than they think. And ignorance ALWAYS makes things interesting.

  6. Think these diggers will have a way to regrow Cainen’s arm?

  7. I think they’ll just patch Caiden’s injuries up and keep him from dying.

    Drackolus: You’re probably right that the Digni don’t know all that is happening with the gryphons/shivae. But I don’t think it will be a problem now that Koel has been darted. What is more of a problem is if the digni try to take Caiden somewhere for treatment.

    I don’t think Caiden’s getting that arm back. Having it bitten off probably did too much damage to it for reattachment. Barring the Digni taking him away for treatment, and that’s a whole new can of miniwhips opened if they do.

  8. spca…?


  9. I think taking Caiden away will be the best thing for Caiden (since at this point he’s bleeding to death), but if they do the others will try to get in. But, who knows?

  10. And here is where some preconceived notions on both sides are either confirmed or mashed into a trillion little piece

  11. If you look back into the recent archives, I think you’ll find hard evidence of the misconceptions on both sides.

    The shivae think the diggers have plans to take over everything, and the diggers seem to think the shivae and similar four-legged creatures are less than sentient.

  12. whoa…what happened to vas? did we leave that to update this?

  13. … I don’t like the way they spoke.

  14. awesome comic… I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next… I really hope they can help Caiden

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