08/12/2008 (8 Comments)

9. Koel snarling over Caiden's body at lights. 10. Mura from shadows- Koel, get back! Hide! It's a group of diggers! They will not harm Caiden if they find him! · Koel - I will not leave - 11. Plink sound, small dart hits Koel in the shoulder. 12. Koel's head dropping - I will 13. Koel sinking on one leg - not- · Mura - They will not harm you! Don't panic, Koel.

8 thoughts on “08/12/2008 (8 Comments)

  1. Arrrh… Sleep darts? Someones going to have a groggy head… Poor Koel.

  2. Ohh, I should have seen that coming. Of course it makes sense that the Digne would have some way of immobilizing an unruly shivae. Reminds me of another unruly armbiter that could have been tranked.

  3. It’d be funny if she breaks out into a slurred version of “Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer Do” before she finally gives in to the tranqs.

  4. Right to the neck! Strait to the jugular! Sleepy time shivae.

  5. It was said that the Digni were only after the chicks, so Keol and the others will probably be ignored by the digni, provided they don’t spot the gryphon cubs.

  6. I can just see it! Happy things are about to happen, right!?

  7. looks like she got hurt by something.

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