07/25/2008 (13 Comments)

13 thoughts on “07/25/2008 (13 Comments)

  1. Oh my I’m writhe with anticipation as to what will happen next! Oh I also did another art piece: http://shivae.org/shivae/index.php?topic=20.msg5379#msg5379

    Anyone who wants to join the Shivae! RP is more than welcome. 😉

  2. That is good. Stand by your mate!

  3. I was wondering why she wasn’t next to him. She probably was this whole time but the view had him blocked out (we couldn’t see the ground!)

    And TheCheryl… You made a link to the forums… I knew they were there, but you tempted me… Bad things are going to happen now. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  4. Skye got lazy for not giving a more detailed drawing for Caiden….=X

    Nice improvement from the past art….you can see the difference from where comic left on hiatus.

    I like Koel’s prowl mode…..”Mrrrrow…” *Pounce !!!*

  5. Well, she’s a stubborn one.

  6. I have a bad feeling this is not going to end well for Koel, but why wouldn’t the Diggers be a danger Caiden? Given that they have a reputation of taking and domesticating Shivae, wouldn’t it be likely they’d take him since he’s down and super wounded?

    It’d be extra easy for them to take him since he’s unconscious, and they’d also probably think they were doing a good think by keeping him as a pet as he saved their little girl’s life and is now permanently disabled. I

  7. Lovely bgs in this page! I like the effect you got w/ the cracks in the ground.

  8. Grrr….Bite their heads off Koel !!!

    Rawwrrrrr *crunch!*

  9. I hope the diggers can help him. He’s such a poor lil shivae who tried to do the right thing. 🙁

  10. Hanna- I hate to say it, but I don’t think that will happen. Tiffany (Syke) has already said this isn’t going to end well.

  11. Forgive me for I must squeek for an update. ^.^ *squeek* Akalae is ok but Shivae is the best.

  12. Dont you hate the truth on how the world works sometimes….?

  13. I have to agree with Thunder, I was excited when this started to update, and now it seems to be on hold again. Just wondering…it’s such a great story. Of course all of Syke’s comics are!! 🙂

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