And this is also a favorite of mine. (They're likely all going to be my favorites because I haven't seen them in so long.) :D - Tiff

12 thoughts on “07/22/2012

  1. O wow an update I did not know this comic was updating till just now!

  2. Awww! The kittens look so cute playing together!

  3. Ooo an update! I am so surprised and happy! I thought that the Shivae comics were canceled or something! I’m glad to see that you put up a few new pages. Your Shivae comics are my favorite of the comics you do. I’m sorry that they don’t get enough attention. I think they deserve more love. They’re great!

  4. Haha oh the kits are adorable! Even grown they’re just big fluffballs.

    1. Being big ‘fluffballs’ like that will be a huge benefit to them in the cold, as it provides far better protection.

  5. Shivae is my favorite of your story-lines. I am so excited to see it updating again!

  6. Yay! It’s back!!

  7. I’m on the edge of my seat for updates! 😀

  8. Great strip but is this on a schedule or just whenever flowerlark gets time to do the coloring?

    Btw I finished almost all of your comics just have to read abbeys agency and I like them all great work

  9. I already finished and sent off the next 2 pages weeks ago, so I don’t know why Tiff hasn’t posted them.

  10. From her response to a tweet I sent she is waiting till September due to being swamped but I’d imagine it will end up being a good thing she has some buffer and end up having more updates in the long run

  11. @Kindlekm: I agree a buffer is a great thing…even though it’s hard to wait for Sept! lol

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