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4 thoughts on “07/17/2008 (4 Comments)

  1. Well, it looks like it’s either more trouble or Meama and family come back to help.

  2. I think Meama’s family IS trouble to the Shivae/Gryphons. Rill might be acting paranoid by fearing them, but I get the feeling that he’s not.

    Youthful pride be damned, I’m sure they’re gonna have to move out as fast as possible.

  3. I have disagree Hariman. As has been previously written, the Digni are pleasant folk and would not harm anyone if it can be helped. They also have a great respect for the Shivae. I think they may be coming to help after hearing Meama’s explanation of why she was outside.

  4. Also remember, it said they have been known to domesticate Shivae. Stories of this must have been spread — and the “telephone” effect may have played a part. Or, maybe the Digni were brutal about it, but didn’t realize it.

    I don’t think we have enough info to know what’s ahead 😉

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