07/09/2008 (6 Comments)

  1. Stormclaw lifting her wing to reveal fluffballs sleeping.
I am particularly proud of the lovely ruffled look on the back of Nightwing's neck.  This is the last story page for this chapter.  I'm hoping to get a wallpaper up tomorrow, but am not sure.  I will be updating Shivae! Cler immediately following... after I upload the three character images. :D

6 thoughts on “07/09/2008 (6 Comments)

  1. *sigh* Mamma is so georgeous!

  2. No more updates for the next while? Ah, pooh, but I’ll be patient. I enjoy both Shivae stories and I can wait.

  3. So cute and content!

  4. I think I just understood why they are called kittens.


  5. Yeay, I found the story!

    And the fluffins look even cuter now. Is it them or their mum or all three who are purring? ^_^

  6. Now that is a sight to behold!

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