So after... *checks date of last comic* almost 3 years, Shivae! Vas is updating again! The pages were actually sitting on my hard drive awaiting color for over a year so the lineart will get dramatically better in a few pages. :D Flowerlark is responsible for the coloring and background painting for most of the pages not done by myself. Actually, she's responsible for MOST of it in all. :D And after a lengthy illness that we all hope is finally over, she wanted to do some more coloring on a schedule so Vas is returning next week! You can visit her site and comics by clicking the banner below.

6 thoughts on “07/08/2012

  1. Yay! Shivae’s back!

    It looks good too!

  2. Wow, that returned faster than I thought! I’d better get cracking on the last couple of pages you sent me. I just have 1 more page of Eryl to finish before I do them, so I should have them by next week. :3

    (this is only updating once a week, right?)

    1. *Laugh* Yes. 😀 Full color full pagers go once a week. 😀

  3. sweetness I have miss it so much!!

  4. I have waited YEARS for this! Oh man this is so awesome! I’m so excited to see what’s going to happen! Thank you Flowerlark, thank you Syke! *puts her Shivae bookmarks close to her monitor*

  5. The first panel reminds me of bacon. Mmm bacon strips!

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