07/01/2008 (7 Comments)

  1. One pig
  2. Blur, grass torn up and bits flying

Page 15

  1. Nightwing flying silhoutte against sky.

7 thoughts on “07/01/2008 (7 Comments)

  1. Yay, it’s updating again!! Sorry I can’t colour Cler. I’m still sick… 🙁 Hopefully next summer I’ll be healthy enough to work.

  2. Mmmm, bacon! /drool

  3. Nice wings! Those pigs look tasty. They didn’t see it coming.

  4. Cute pigs, but I’m glad Nightwing got one.

  5. I was beginning to wonder if this arch would ever get finished. Love the long tail though especially with the big fluff of feathers on the end

  6. It’s not just that the piggy didn’t see that coming. Piggy didn’t hear it either.

    I wonder if Nightwing is going to make note that that was easier than usual.

  7. “Pork, the other white meat.”

    Wait until he gets home. That’ll be a big surprize.

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