Hey look, MINI UPDATES!! It was suggested that if I had comics ready to go that I update at least a panel a week to keep on updating. It doesn't really move me as much forward as one would think. A panel a week means that on average, every six weeks I'd finish a page on average. :D That'd only give me 3 or so pages done. ;) So instead, you are getting a strip of a page every week as long as I can maintain it. Please watch with rss or make use of Comic Rocket or Inkoutbreak. - Tiff

5 thoughts on “06/30/2013

  1. I can’t shake the feeling that an update is missing here.

    1. There was an update last week too!

      1. Yeah I saw it. Sorry, I should be more clear on what I meant. Taun’s comment “I don’t mind” made me think there was a piece of conversation that happened between this update and last week’s update.

  2. “Because every travel group needs a cute little fuzzball.”

    “Uh, Liem? We’re ALL cute little fuzzballs!”

    “But not as cute as me!”

  3. A new traveler has joined the party! Oh what fun! It’s been a while since a new chara was added to Vas’ story! I can’t wait to see what Liem is like. I’m sure adorable will be the answer. XD

    Wow two hatchings old and only that big! That is a tiny fluffball gryph! I like how the parents are totally fine with this. Haha they are laid back gryphs, I can tell!

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