6 thoughts on “Zaya Chapter 2 Page 5

  1. Aww road trip with mom and dad~

  2. Testing, one, two, three!

  3. testing the comment system.

  4. Testing comments….

  5. Sigh. It’s been a year and I still come by and check to see if Shivae is updating again.

    1. I’m sorry. 🙁 I’m trying to keep my Patreon readers happy and I’m falling behind in that minimum. I’m just exhausted all the time and recovery has been incredibly slow.

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I’ve moved this site from using Easel to Toocheke. It has a few things going on I’ll eventually fix, but for right now, already much happier with how it looks and will work on a new header and fix the archives before moving on to active comics… yes, I AM coming back to this! – Tiff