Welcome to the NEW Shivae! site!

Yes, I finally separated Shivae! into its own domain.  I have quite a few domains I bought with plans to use them and then didn’t use them.  This one was originally for a forum, and the forum is here, consolidated into the Cyantian Chronicles forum.  I’ll make areas for Shivae! and Shivae RPG on request, but be aware that I won’t be around much.  I do drop in, but I have a ton of things on my plate right now. 😀

As many of you know, Vas’ story is winding down to its conclusion and only has two chapters left.

What you do NOT know is that Flowerlark asked me if she could do any comic work I needed done.  I had already begun setting up Caiden and Koel for a bit of recoloring to finish the storyline and will split it off from Cler before the new arc goes up so there won’t be any confusion.  Cler has it’s complete arc.  She has already colored three pages of Caiden and Koel.

With Flowerlark coloring Caiden and Koel, I will be using the time to work on Shivae!.  Just… Shivae!  The story I always wanted to do, but haven’t, along with Journey, the kid’s comic.  It’s going to be an exclusive to Patreon.

I’m pondering if I should give ANYONE a summary about what Shivae! is going to be about. 😀  Or if I should just keep quiet until it’s ready to begin updating.

Once I get a house, I will be preparing Cler and Vas for print as full volumes, along with Caiden and Koel (or lump Caiden and Koel with Cler, depending on page counts.  Vas has many more pages than Cler.)

– Tiff

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