Well, this is not going to please some, but Vas needs to go on a hiatus. It will NOT last years, I promise. Lee really wanted to work on it, but is still dealing with health issues that just don’t seem to want to go away.
I CAN resume the coloring. I just know that right this moment I cannot resume coloring and will not be able to until I complete my commission work and other work that must be done. At the latest, end of May. I will still be working on it in the meantime. There are three pages inked, but I do not want to start work on it and have to stop repeatedly. I’m going to work on a buffer. If you have any suggestions for something I can use to easily let people know WHEN it resumes, let me know what services you use. Obviously, the RSS will automatically update and there is an FB group and a twitter. 😀

– Tiff