Delay In Startup

I’m making sure this is plastered everywhere so I don’t get the usual questions of what’s going on … even though it’s on the pages repeatedly.

No updates this week – due to the following that occurred over the weekend.  This week’s comic was done, but I’d rather have a chapter image up for two weeks than the next page up and an immediate pause for a week.  Either one is bad … there will be an update on Wednesday next week.

I was a bit caught up in the whole, What is wrong with my computer, it won’t turn on! panic.  A lot of time was spent on that, getting HP to connect my account to my replacement plan (I had a two year one just in case of such a situation.)  I got the tablet sent off yesterday afternoon and it’ll be in their hands tomorrow, which means on Monday they SHOULD start working on it and sometime during the following week it should come back to me … and with luck.. three Mondays from now I’ll have my tablet back.. with luck.

Now, the big issue is that the software I ink on is ON the tablet.  It came with it so I can’t install it on my desktop.  I have, btw, gone through trying to ink in Photoshop – slooow, unnatural, Flash – smooth, but clunky and  Manga Studio EX 3 – not sensitive enough to ink properly, which is apparently a common problem.  (I use Painter Essentials to ink… not even an expensive program, can get it for $40, but I intend to get the full Painter 11 at some point and nowhere around here has it for that.) Sooo, I opted to upgrade to Manga Studio EX 4 – which has improved to the ‘right’ feel for inking.  Sadly, their order form is annoying.  I wanted a physical copy AND a digital download so I could get it and use it immediately.  I ordered the physical upgrade and EXPECTED that there would be a link to a digital copy, because anytime I’ve ordered software from anywhere else, you go in and order and you get that option.

Apparently I had a 50/50 chance of getting it right. 9.9  I chose the wrong selection and have had a lovely runaround from their so called ‘support’ which ended in: Most people who order a physical copy don’t want a digital copy.

I am not pleased.

I hope they ship it in time for my next round of inking.  I tried to ink pages by hand, but I do not have the proper supplies after inking on the computer for so long.  It’s going to show in next week’s Alien Dice.

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