Late – late – late (2 Comments)

Sorry that it’s taking me so long to get these pages out.  I just don’t have time to color it and still have *counts* 4 pages to color.  When those are done, I will be updating black and white pages twice a week.  I’m going to be taking a LOT of the comics into black and white so I can update more frequently and avoid long delays.

2 thoughts on “Late – late – late (2 Comments)

  1. I’ve been thinking for a bit about how to word this comment. The truth is that I – and, I suspect others of your fans – really don’t care if the comics are in colour or not. You could post line drawings, or simple pencils, and we would be happy. The quality of your art, and the story will keep bringing us back. Don’t worry about colouring them. Don’t burn yourself out. I’d rather see Shivae continuing for a long time than have elaborate colour and you stopping your tale(s).

  2. Well, I admit I like seeing Shivae in color, but that’s mostly because of the wonderful job you do coloring it. Truely though, I agree with Breccia.

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