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I canceled the bookmark incentive. There was no interest in it. It’s really bad when there’s no interest in something that’s free.

And to answer further questions, do NOT send thinking that I have them.  I did not send off to have them made.  To those who already sent something, they will get something.

I had that post up, plus a message asking for comments for several days and nobody responded until I pulled it.  If I don’t get any responses, then I assume that it’s not working and I shouldn’t do it.

7 thoughts on “Bookmarks (7 Comments)

  1. Does that mean if I sent my envelope out yesterday you’re going to throw it out when you get it? ;_; I wasted almost a dollar for nothing?

  2. No, I wouldn’t. You’ll get the bookmark, but it’s no longer available otherwise (or to anyone who tries to sneak in with any postmarked with today or later).

  3. How about me?
    I was planning to send an envelope, tomorrow.
    I hope i get a bookmark…=D

  4. The only bookmarks available are the ones that I am going to print myself and they aren’t available anymore.

  5. aww… D:

  6. I keep meaning to donate, but I keep not having all that much money. A bookmark sounded neat (though I tend to mutilate or lose them and not actually use them–tend to finish books, heh), though I was waiting for my next infusion of cash from my parents before I went off donating to things I wish to support.

    Ah well, sad to hear there was little to no interest. Any other incentives on the horizon?

    And what’s with the comment box? I keeps doing…weird things, like shunting the cursor to the front (!sdrawkcab gnipyt) or overwriting previously written characters (as if it was doing the backwards thing and had insert turned off). Using FireFox 3, so….?

  7. Never mind about the comment box, it’s happening to FireFox in general. WTF.

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