Then they came,.. so fast. Riva fell on Vas and the two scrambled to their feet in a furry of flying feathers. “Vas! RIVA!! FLY!!” Their mother shrieked at the two with wings, while the two without hide behind her feet. She hissed and lowered her at the oncoming creatures.

Two leggers, like Shivae, but not like them. They carried long sticks in their hands and had tiny heads. That’s all that Vas saw of them as he and his brother fled for the nearby trees. There was a loud cracking sound that hurt their ears. Vas had turned his head to see what caused the sound and saw his mother fall.

He couldn’t understand, and neither could his sister and brother that were left behind. They squealed in terror, but didn’t run, not even when the newcomers approached. More had arrived, with bigger sticks, blunt on the ends.