Today and Tomorrow’s updates will be the last of this chapter’s updates for Vas.  Shivae! Cler will then begin updating.  Please note that Cler has been moved to a new url.  People were over complicating things with how they were organized before since one was done before the other, but the later one being in reality first in the time line.

I’m going to try to get a wallpaper up on Thursday here, then move on to Cler!, which already has half a dozen pages pencilled, inked and ready to color… kicking off with three wallpapers if I can pull it off.

I will be using the time I’m updating Cler over to write scripts for Vas.  VAS, btw… has two character inclusions left, one for Daemonschile and one for Flowerlark. 🙂  Vas will be ending before Cler will… primarily because Cler is about to split into three different stories: Cler, Zaya and then Caiden and Koel.  They most likely won’t be long and I may do them in black and white, like I intend to do a story also featuring Vas and Taun while back on the farm.

Technically… Cler’s story ended already once Dior was ‘defeated’, to be continued when she’s older.  So I am already in  Caiden and Koel. 😉