Updates!  I meant to put a note up here, but forgot.  I’m trying to get into A-kon’s Artist Alley this year. 😀

I am currently working on the Shivae! books.

Chances are, they will come out as just under 100 pages each and I’m going to keep to that for upcoming books as well – except the first part.  I’m likely going to make one BIG volume, because it’s been asked for and do the 100 page ones with it to make it easier to collect them.

Color printing is expensive, however, for a 96 or so page book, $15-$16 is a good price point.  Amazon will force me to list it for $20.  However, you’re only a short step away from free shipping at that point.

The 200 page volume will be around $30.

I am writing an extra segment for Vash, because it was asked for.  Readers wanted to see Vas and Riva reuniting, and I’m trying to write up the proper scene for that. 😀

Is there any information you would like in the books that can be added as extras?

  • Tiff