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Raschig 'Ras' Soave
« on: January 17, 2010, 01:24:58 am »
Full Name:  Raschig 'Ras' Soave

Species: Wolf

Age: 24

Type: Student

Function: General Sciences

Quote: "HEY! stop reading over my shoulder!

How much experience do you have with role-playing? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.?
about 10 years on and off of pen and paper RPGs  and about a year on MUDs

What is your character's personality? Ras is shy. In general he's a rather private individual, but will occasionally open up to others, especially those he views as intellectual equals though he can quickly retreat if he starts to feel too heavily outclassed. To those he does open up to he is very kind and generous to. .

What things does s/he like? books of all sorts but especially fiction, cool misty days, music and almost anything else evokes strong moods. Also he's interested in new ideas that get him thinking, especially in terms of conversations speculating on the implications of those ideas.

Dislike? Anyone who gets too nosey or bossy/ manipulative. He had more than enough of that back home and doesn't want a repeat of anything similar here.

What are the strong points of your character? He's smart and willing to try new things, even if they do sometimes make him really nervous. Further, to those he trusts he tends to be very generous and helpful to, beyond what would normally be expected or even offered occasionally.

Weak points? He's very shy when it comes to things that are important to him, further he is also physically quite weak but works hard to hide all of this to the point of denying it even in the face of evidence to the contrary. Also, sometimes he tries almost too hard to make up for the time he spent studying things he was less than interested in. He can also get rather touchy and defensive if questioned about his previous studies.

Name one thing your character would never do and why.  He will never willingly allow himself to be coerced into doing something he feels is not the correct action or direction. After dealing with his family and then finding that even they didn't keep their end up such a deal he vowed to himself to never allow such a thing to happen to him again.

How does s/he interact with others? He does his best to be polite at least to everyone, however he does have some difficulty

What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at? He likes to write fiction, build models and is a voracious reader of almost anything he can get his hands on, though especially enjoys speculative fiction.

MENTION if they carry some sort of weapon.  The closest thing to an actual weapon that he'd ever have on hand is a geologist's pick and even thats only when he's working

Give an example description of your character.
Raschig is fairly tall, even by Wolf standards, standing at 7'6" with a very light, almost wispy build but is often perceived as being much smaller due to his habit of hunching down to make himself less noticeable around groups of smaller people. His fur is for the most part deep grey-blue with dull grey under-markings and similar waist length grey-blue hair bound near the base of the neck. Most of his clothes are utilitarian and simple though there's always something on hand thats capable of holding a data-pad and a few other knick-knacks, be it pockets, belt pouches or even a backpack or bag of some sort. He's often found sitting or even walking around reading something off the little pad he carries everywhere and occasionally can be found writing on it, though he will do his best to hide that fact should he notice that someone is looking.

What qualities or traits does your character have that would be useful to the Mars Academy currently, or in the future when it becomes a colony? This includes skills, and for those that would need to apply, qualifications. He's fairly competent at both geophysics and geochemistry, having studied it before shipping out to the academy and as such would be of help in any mineral exploration which would likely become necessary once the academy becomes a colony. Further, his desire to investigate a wide variety of fields would eventually give him a background such that he would be able to integrate concepts from wildly differing fields to novel effect.

Why does your character want to be at the Academy rather than at another Academy, or some other location? The academy was recommended to him by a trusted teacher as somewhere that would be a good place to continue his education. Further, he sees the academy as somewhere he might be able to apply what skills he already has to fiscally support forays into other areas that are of potentially greater interest to him.

What goals does your character have for the future? Aside from finding future work to support himself he also aims to write a novel, learn some of the local languages and see what sort of interesting fields of study outside of geology there are.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species?  They can be alright to be around, though there's a lot of them that are just downright or annoying and he'd really rather not have anything to do with those ones if he can help it.

What is his or her view on other species? For the most part he hasn't actually met other species, with the exception of a few Digni and Mounties, even then he never really had much to do with them. What he's heard about the Fox has for the most part left him confused, not understanding what would drive them to hunt down and destroy their own kind.

Please answer the following in a couple paragraphs: What is your character's history? Who is or was your characters family? What were the important events of your characters past? What kind of life did they have before they arrived at the academy?
Raschig grew up in a small mostly wolf city on cyantia, the middle child of three, His parents owning and operating a small prospecting firm. Upon reaching 16 his family 'strongly encouraged' him (read, pressured him in the ways that families do) into studying geology like his parents and elder brother. He really didn't appreciate this, but eventually conceded with the understanding that they wouldn't interfere once he could support himself. This understanding unfortunately was not upheld when he did finish, leaving him looking for somewhere well away from family that he could go and pursue his own interests.

Also, some clairifications to the two questions in the central planning thread

   The attitude of the atmosphere around him has control over his mood?
Its not so much that it has control over his mood so much as he enjoys music specifically designed to influence mood, a like the sort used in movies where for example they play something that evokes particular ideas in concert with appropriate parts of the film (ie. sad sounding music when the characters are sad, or impressive/ epic music when something major is about to happen. That sort've thing.) He simply goes out of his way to find pieces that have that effect as its one of the major criteria for him as to what music he considers 'good'. Typically the more the music is able to convey abstract ideas such as emotion the more he enjoys it, even if those ideas are not strictly positive.

Welcome. 'Ras' looks pretty solid to me; in addition to The Frost's question, I would like to know a little more about the notion in the 'Dislike' and 'One Thing He Would Never Do' sections. Can you explain a little more how his experience with manipulation/coercion has affected him?
You write:
He had more than enough of that back home and doesn't want a repeat of anything similar here.

Can you elaborate on this history? It would give a better idea of his past and experiences.
Most of the manipulation going on in his family was aimed towards getting him to follow a career and just generally live a lot more like his parents instead of searching out his own direction in life. They would do a lot of things like compare him to his older brother (who had quite happily gone down the path his parents wanted and become moderately successful in the process. In general, Ras' older brother is in his parents eyes the epitome of what a proper child should be, namely, just like them.) and would often say a lot of things that boiled down to how Ras should be more like him.

He never really noticed the manipulation for the longest time simply because trusted his family implicitly. It wasn't until they started advising him rather aggressively in things such as the exact direction of study he should be taking and people he should be associating with that he started to key into what they were doing (and even then it took a while as they would rarely if ever outright say things against his choices, instead insinuating and casually commenting in ways such that he would be convinced to reconsider his own opinions. Quite often however these insinuations would be distortions of the truth or outright lies. Eventually he managed to catch a couple of these fabrications and realized that they might not be the only ones he had been told). Throughout all this his parents and brother were never really acting maliciously, they simply thought they were acting in his best interests not realizing what exactly it was that they were actually doing.

For the most part his experience has left him unsure of himself and he's still trying to figure out what things are of his own volition and what are ideas that have effectively been put in his head. That said, he has managed to get a lot of things straightened out since he stopped actively listening to his family and started making decisions without their input. However, he hasn't quite figured out how to tell when someone is actively trying to manipulate him so occasionally he will misinterpret others intentions and so will actively resist them even if they actually have the best of intentions in mind.

As for the inevitable question as to why he might still trust the one teacher who recommended the mars academy to him, that teacher would have been one who helped him by acting as a sounding board for Ras to figure out things for himself rather than actively guiding or advising him. The recommendation of the mars academy came only after Ras had gotten some of his own ideas straightened out and actively asked that teacher where he thought the best place for continuing education might be given the circumstances.

It should also be noted that while all this makes it seem like his family life was really awful, this whole issue was only one facet of the big picture. For the most part he actually had quite a good experience at home, so while he does resent what they did he doesn't actively hate them or anything. He just doesn't fully trust them anymore and will take everything they say with a few grains of salt (so to speak)

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Re: Raschig 'Ras' Soave
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2010, 08:50:31 pm »
This is the 15th character planning thread, where you can get advice from players who have been here for a while, and who have been around the block a couple of times. All character applications are required to be posted in this section before they can be posted in registration.  You may post general character concepts and general planning questions to this thread, but once you have developed enough to use the registration form, it is asked that you start a new thread to be focused solely on you character.

You must wait at least 1 week from posting your most recent profile in planning before you may post that profile to the registration.

Not quite yet.  Unless Daemon wants to let you slide.
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