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Dreaming Thread 2012
« on: January 06, 2012, 10:33:36 am »
We have a complaint thread and an anti complaint thread, how about a dreaming thread for things we hope to accomplish at some point (things within reason.  Maybe a Frivolous Dreaming Thread should also be started for insane dreaming. ;) )

This year, I have a number of things I want to accomplish, number 1 one on that list is getting a house.  We pay $850 a month for rent for a two bedroom apartment.  I've found that even without a downpayment.. a $130K house on a 30 year lease costs $834, with taxes, that bumps it up to the same as I pay for rent.. and I'm pretty sure rent's going up $100 a month next time we renew in 2013.  Lease is up March 2013, so that gives me just over a year to square finances and get a minimum of $3,000 in the bank for a downpayment.  It's one of those 'hump' things, where there's a big hill to climb and then everything's good on the other end... unfortunately pushing up the hill is very slow, hill being, money I have to pay extra to clear up old debts so they stop gathering interest.  We're not far off, but I need to be making a certain amount to get there.

Being a first time homeowner, we do get possible breaks and benefits.  (Not counting on the tax break since who knows what the 'all business is evil' Democrats are going to do to hurt people working for themselves more.)  We may get in on the skin of our teeth, but once we're out of the apartment grind we no longer have to deal with rent raising every month, carpet on the floors, waiting on maintenance... of course, then we have to do that ourselves. :D :D

I'm plotting in staying in this neighborhood which takes advantage of the rich people. ;)  Houses in the low end of the neighborhood run around 100K-120K.  Nice homes, although I won't turn my nose up at the right one that needs a little work as long as that work isn't ROOFS AND FOUNDATIONS.  I do not want to deal with that anytime soon and I know better. :P  I can live with crappy cabinets and tile that needs to be replaced, carpets that must be ripped out, painting, etc... things I can help with.  (My father in law is in construction.)

Unlike some, I do not view a house as a monetary 'investment'.  I don't intend to sell it to turn a profit at any point in my life.  I intend to live in it until I'm a millionaire and can build a dream house. ;)  There are no plans or reasons for us to ever move otherwise.  Renting just no longer makes sense and it's annoying after awhile.  No garage for our car.  No garage for the future when we'll have electric cars.  I can't make changes to the house to improve it's eco friendliness.  I can't dig a hole and put in a tornado shelter.  I can't build a garden.  I can't put a Stargate out back or our full sized replica of Serenity.  :D  I can't spooky up the house for Halloween.  Can't have kids over for Kim.  Can't add solar panels or wind turbines, darnit!  And I can't put two chest freezers outside here and fill them with half a side of beef and other groceries. :D  No barbecueing!  No pets running free!  No crested geckos!  I want another dog, a big one.  No work room just for me where I can lock the door and lock everyone out so I can actually work. :D  No extra storage building for my stuff!  I want a little tumbleweed style outbuilding that serves as storage/my work area or something. ;)

Now.. all I need:  To Earn Minimum Wage rates one way or another.  A nice tax return.  Chevalier to actually end up in bookstores and sell millions of copies.  Those three things are all there.  They just have to fall into place.  I've cut just about everything I can.

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Re: Dreaming Thread 2012
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2012, 10:47:35 am »
I rather keep my hopes and dreams to myself, but I wish you all best luck on earth for yours :)
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