Author Topic: [Public] [S2 W9 D7 12:20 P.M.] Detention duties  (Read 2202 times)

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[Public] [S2 W9 D7 12:20 P.M.] Detention duties
« on: June 30, 2008, 10:21:40 am »
(This takes place in a classroom that is not constantly used by just one instructor for one class. It is a class that is used by different instructors at different times of day for different classes. So anyone who would have a reason for being in a place like this is welcome in this thread.)

It was time for lunch, however, one hungry Rifier was busy mopping a classroom. This was her punishment for irritating the instructor just a little bit too much. Not only had she shown up to class late, but she had done so soaking wet, thus getting the floor wet. So the instructor decided that she would make up for her transgression by cleaning the classroom floor, during the time when she would normally be eating. She was managing to do fairly well, but found it a hassle to go around all the chairs and desks. All the other students and the instructor had already left long ago, and it wouldn't be long before the students and instructor for the next class would be showing up. She decided to make the task a little more pleasant by singing to herself while she worked.
"Like the man in the moon, we're chasing the stars. We hold onto our dreams, no matter how far.... Like the man in the moon, smiling down from the sky, life is not what it seems, wherever we are..." She was now beginning to dance just a little bit as she worked, also.

(I've been thinking about making this thread for a little while. ;))
(The song is "Man in the Moon" by Fragma, in this case from the Album "This Is Trance!" And those are a guess at the lyrics...)
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