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Zargon Tehblod
« on: June 17, 2007, 11:07:39 pm »
Full Name: Zargon Tehblod (pronounced tayblowed)
Species: Snow Tiger
Age: 18
Type: Student
Function: Undecided major. Looking toward Political Science
Quote: If I close my eyes, you can't see me....  In a blizzard.

How much experience do you have with roleplaying? How much time have you
spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.?

I have spent approximately 6 or 7 years playing a MUD (pretty much just one, though I have dabbled in various others that I knew people in).  Nothing tabletop or that variety.

What is your character's personality? What things does s/he like? Dislike? What are the strong points of your character? Name one thing your character would never do and why. How does s/he interact with others? What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at? MENTION if they carry some sort of weapon. It's not uncommon for a Cyantzium to have some sort of weapon, usually not high powered ones though and most likely for ornamentation. They also have to have permission to carry them. No guns. They make Rayne fidgety.

    Zargon, coming from the North Lands of Cyantzium has always been something of a loner only because there was never really anyone around.  He has come to the College in search of adventure, knowledge, and companions but he is not well adjusted to dealing with other people.  This makes him shy and clumsy around others and not very outgoing in terms of meeting new people.  Some people don't like him because he tends to be sarcastic and his wit is often considered too sharp for polite company, this being a product of what friends and family he had up north.
    Zargon enjoys studying, especially when it is about people/politics.  He enjoys the studying because it allows him to use his mind and tends to keep him away from other people.  He is looking at a degree in social science but is not sure about it because he is not very good with dealing with people, at least not yet!  He also enjoys going on hiking trips to the mountains with nothing but his wits about him, again for the getting away from people, but also for being able to rely on himself.
   I would say that Zargon's strong points are a good self-reliance, and also a drive to succeed for the future.  He also has a strong conviction for not treating his sons/daughters (if he ever has them) the way that his family treated him.
   One thing Zargon will never do is go flying unless he ABSOLUTELY HAS to.  When he was but a cub he was picked up by one of the gryphons that lived nearby and, while being taken to it's nest, was dropped into a river.  After wandering for three days he was finally found and returned to his parents, but from then on he only wishes to keep his paws firmly on the ground.  The space flight to Mars was terrifying for him.
    Zargon's favorite hobby is collecting pictures of birds in flight.  It may have something to do with his fear of heights or his ordeal with the eagle, but he is somewhat obsessed with pictures of flying bird.  His favorite pictures are of the tropical birds that inhabit Earth.  He discovered these soon after he arrived on Mars and has not looked back since.
    He carries no weapons per se.  He only has a small dull short dagger that his father gave him that he wears on a chain around his neck.  The thought of using it in anger has never occurred to him, and he only uses it to clean food out of his teeth.

Give an example description of your character.

A snow tiger walks into the room.  The first thing you notice about him is his seaming lack of stripes, on closer inspection, however, you see that there are in fact stripes but that they are a light gray that tends to blend in with the rest of his fur.  The next thing that you notice is the small bronze dagger hanging around his neck on a gold chain.  He also has an old scar that you notice because of the patch of discolored fur on his right shoulder blade, he acquired this scar when he was dropped into a river by a griffin when he was a cub.  He doesn't wear much in the way of clothing except for some baggy olive cargo shorts.  Various books and data pads are stuffed into the pockets of his shorts and this weight is held up with a sturdy leather belt with a small silver buckle.  His eyes are a deep orange color and they are very striking in his white face but when he sees you looking at him he quickly looks away.  For the most part his fur is well kempt but on his head is a shaggy mass that tends to fall into his eyes.  Always hungry, he tends to be carrying a sandwich or some other snack in one hand.  In the other hand he invariably has some sort of textbook with a finger in the middle to mark his place.

Why is it essential that your character be here in the Mars Academy? What are their qualifications? Traits useful to the future colony? Recruiting class? Goals in being here?

    Zargon comes from a relatively backward area in the mountains of Cyantzium.  He hopes to bring back some culture to and be able to help his area.  He is here trying to find what it would take to set up a government of sorts in his area so that the inter-clan squabbling might stop.  As for qualifications, his best is his willingness to learn and his drive to succeed where his family and friends said that he could not.  He is however the most bookish and logical of the people he knows (though, unfortunately  the comparison does not say a whole lot for him).  He brings to the table a willingness to work and a body that will back that will up.  He also brings a fascination as to how people interact (though he does not interact very well personally yet, that is one of the things that he is here to learn).

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species? What is his/her view on other species? Please do not fall into a stereotype. The creatures of CyantiaMUSH are NOT bound by human views of how each species should interact. They are not bound from birth to be good or evil, the decisions they make in life lead them down one road or the other.

Zargon is very loyal to his kind, the snow tigers, though most of his friends/family are very tough on him, it is all he knows so he is not bitter about it.  He trusts other Mounties for the most part, mostly because they look a lot like him.  Also, the trader that came through the village was a panther-colored mounty, and he and the trader became fairly close friends as the trader helped him with information about the Academy.  As for other species he has not had much interaction so he is somewhat distrustful.  However he tends to be open-minded and will be fairly congenital if given half a chance.  The only species that he is quite distrustful of are Avian, he tends to avoid these whenever possible.

Please answer the following in a couple paragraphs: What is your character's history? Who is or was your characters family? What were the important events of your characters past? What kind of life did they have before they arrived at the academy?

   Zargon was born in the northern provinces of Cyantzium.  He was the youngest of 6 other brothers and as such was never afforded much attention by his family.  His father was around only till he was three years of age and then he disappeared into the northern wastes, never to be seen again, only leaving a small dagger on a chain for Zargon to remember him by.  From that point on, life was fairly bleak.  His mother was constantly stress out from having to provide for seven children.  When Zargon was four years old he was playing outside when a gryphon swooped down upon him and carried him away almost to her nest.  As they neared, another gryphon saw the prize that the one had and attacked forcing the original gryphon to drop him.  Luckily he fell into a river and, so, survived but he was scarred for life, both with a fear of heights and with a jagged scar on his right shoulder that today can only be seen as a darkly discolored patch of fur.
   Because of his coloring (very white with few truly discernable stripes), he was kept as something of an outcast.  Without many friends and with a family that didn't really care about him he turned much of his attention to watching other families and how they treated each other.  In time this turned to watching the different villages and clans in his area interact.  The Tundra Guard was quite strong in the area and opinion of the established government was not high in any of his peers/elders minds.  He saw how this lack of decent strong government pulled the clans apart, making them squabble over land and the precious commodities that lay beneath the snow.  He saw in his mind a united Northland where the Frostgrass and Ice Fruit were cultivated so that there was enough for all.  To this end, he set his mind to devising a sort of government that would bring all the clans in the area together so that they might work together to bring themselves up out of the poverty and hard times that they were currently enduring.
  With this in mind he began to study.  Wherever he went he would talk to families, trying to feel out their opinions on what sort of leader, if any, that they would approve of.  Many were of the opinion that they needed a warlord, but in his own mind, Zargon wasn't so sure.. How would the clans move any closer to civilization with a soldier for a leader?  He kept looking.  Occasionally a trader would come through the villages.  One year, when Zargon was 15, the trader brought a book on government from the southlands.  He read this book over and over again over the next few months.  The next time that the trader came through, he asked for another book.  The trader didn't have any, but he told him of an academy on the planet Mars that many went to and came back with amazing knowledge!  As soon as he could, Zargon contacted the Academy.  They said that he would have to take some placement tests and they sent him some books to study.  For the next two years Zargon devoted all his time to Language, Math, Literature, History (his favorite), and Science.  At the end of two years he took his traveled south.  It took a week for him to get to the testing station and he suffered heat, cold, and hunger, but his will drove him on.  At last he reached the place where the placement test was slated to take place.  He got some strange looks as he walked in but he ignored them and sat down to do his test.
    After many hours he finished.  The next thing to do was to wait a week in town as the results were sent back and forth from the academy.  He took this time to get somewhat used to being around strange people and in a new place.
    After a week the results came back.  He had passed!  It wasn't a wonderful grade but it was enough to place him in the middle of the class.  Not bad for a tiger from the sticks.
    Arrangements were made and on his eighteenth birthday he flew out to Mars.
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