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Basic RPG Rules
« on: September 08, 2006, 03:10:13 pm »

Basic RPG Rules

Posted by Syke (Member # 10) on 08-27-2001 06:57 PM:
These are the Basic Rules, read them and know them because you are expected to abide by these rules so that everyone has an enjoyable environment to roleplay in. This list will be added to as time goes on, but for now, here they are.
You will be warned one time per offense. A second warning bans you from the board for a time to be determined by whomever handles the problem, most likely, me.

Be considerate. Remember that anyone can see what you're doing unless you take it to private messaging or email. No sex on the boards, most of us don't want to see it. Whomever you are roleplaying with has complete control over their own characters and you cannot force them to do anything they don't want to do. It is up to that person to say something if they don't like where things are going, via private email or messaging. Please don't disturb the In Characterness (IC) of the board with OOC comments. There will be a thread especially for OOC chitchat and comments about things going on in other threads.

Moderators, Security Personnel, and Class Instructors have final say in their decisions and will treat you based on your actions. These people CAN force your character into situations you do not want them to be in, in concerns to your behavior.

Expect trips to Darius' Office and boring Earth shifts if you misbehave ICly and you will have to remain there until your time is up.

Rules may be added as they are suggested and problems encountered. These rules are not retroactive and keep this in mind: Do unto others as you would yourself.

Posted by Syke (Member # 10) on 12-03-2001 09:18 PM:
6.) There was a general not like for this rule, but it's now in place because it's a good rule. Under NO circumstance, can you do anything that affects another person's character without their permission. Which means, you do not pose other people's characters, you cannot hit them, attack them or do anything that affects them physically without asking first and getting permission. Sounds a lot like rule 2, I know, but in this one, expect to be severly reprimanded if you disrupt everyone's RP because you want to do something that focuses solely on your character.
7.) There will be NO actions leading up to combat unless there is a general consensus that it will happen. If even ONE person complains that they didn't want combat to happen, the person responsible for starting it will have their posting ability blocked *Which means you can't post just on this board, but on any other nice board for the time of one to two weeks. More if this is a repeat offense.* Most of the players on this board have no interest in constant fighting. See enough of it around us.

Posted by Syke (Member # 10) on 05-13-2002 07:12 AM:
Rule #8, more of a statement really, effective May 13, 2002, not retroactive. If you are ok with having your roleplay printed up to help support the board RP, go here:
Character Planning #3

I won't print up anything in book form without signatures.
(Edit note - not sure if she has plans to do so anymore)

Posted by Cyantian Moderator XO (Member # 3664) on 12-23-2002 02:08 AM:
Rule 9)
This thread contains approved Player Rules, which are held with the same authority as the rules on this thread.
To see a list of Player Rules that are up for discussion or voting, please go here.

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