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Tales of Anthrocon
« on: May 28, 2015, 09:33:41 am »
This is a simple premise I've had for a while now. Just a fun little one-off that you can take as seriously as you want to.

Werewolf Syndrome

Marcus called up the stairs, "Come on Twinky! What are you waiting for!" Twinky called back, "Having a little trouble with my fursuit," while trying to desperately pull up his pants. After getting frustrated, he got out his cell phone, made a call, and put it on speakerphone. Velour came out, "'Sup?" Twinky said, "Look, you've got to help me. I'm going to a furry convention being held nearby and I'm having trouble keeping my pants on." Velour laughed, "You're covered in fur everywhere. Pants are optional." Twinky sighed, "That may be true but I'd rather not explain why my fursuit has a dick on it." Velour offered, "Try cutting the threads of the rear seam. It should do well enough for a while, and Clive?" Twinky said, "What?" Velour acidly stated, "Don't get too caught up." Twinky stared out wide-eyed as Velour ended the call.

Twinky came down the stairs and showed himself off to Marcus, "What do you think?" Marcus whistled, "That is the most realistic fursuit I have ever seen. How did you do it?" Twinky smirked, "With effort. Come on, let's go." He pulled out his car keys but Marcus said, "Hey, you shouldn't really be driving with that thing on." Twinky said, "Oh, right," and put his keys back in his pocket. While they were in the car, Marcus noted, "I managed to talk to one of your old friends on Facebook. Twinky said, "I don't have any 'old' friends." Marcus quickly stated, "Well, he knew you. He said that you had 'Werewolf Syndrome'?" Twinky said, "Terminal hypertrichosis. Heavy build-up of body hair. Why?" Marcus said, "Well, how did you get it cured? Isn't it genetic?" Twinky stuttered for a bit then said, "Uh, it was a bit of a ... misdiagnosis." Marcus asked, "Well, what was it really?" Twinky stated, "Uh ... well." Marcus blew him off and then brought up, "But ... if you think about it, that makes you pretty much the closest thing we can get to a real-life furry. Ya know what I mean?" Twinky recoiled in disgust. He didn't have to be psychic to know what was on Marcus's mind right now, "I swear to god, Marcus, if I find a story about me on your FA account, I will kill you." Marcus looked crestfallen, "Awww, come on!" Twinky spat out, "No!"

Twinky wondered around the convention looking around for booths that looked interesting. He found himself fascinated by all of the various media that was being put out on the internet. It seemed that while there were some fetishists in there, a good part of them had some really interesting stories to tell covering all sorts of topics. Of course, there were also the various fursuiters and Twinky found himself impressed with what people can do given the time and effort. Of course, he did find things that no one could put in to their suits, like facial expressions, tail movements, or digitigrade feet. As he was going to the snack bar to get something to drink, a man he passed said, "Well, if it isn't Mr. Lewis himself." Twinky turned towards him and said, "Do I know you?" The man simply stated, "Nice fursuit you've got there." Twinky half-stated half-muttered, "Yeah, I put a lot of work into it." The man then continued, "Of course, the way I heard it, it took you forever to figure out how to get out of it." Twinky stared for a moment before opening up, "Was ... was that a reference to the ... uh ... the shapeshifting?" The man muttered, "Christ, you're bad at doubletalk! Come with me, we've got a few things to discuss."

Twinky sat at a picnic table with the strange man, setting his grape soda down to stop freezing his hands. Twinky opened up with, "So Mr. ..." The man said, "My name's not important. All you need to know is that I work with a top secret government agency designed to investigate cryptozoological and extraterrestrial organisms and combat them if necessary." Twinky noted, "So ... what are you doing here?" The agent noted, "Trust me, you're not the first person to pull a stunt like this," while noting a blue-furred vixen sitting a ways away. Twinky looked at her and realized that she had none of the usual indications of the suit being fake. The agent continued, "Besides, The Agency has been keeping an eye on you ever since you were first found." Twinky looked off to the side, "That's ... a little unsettling." The agent replied, "We just had to make sure that you weren't a threat, especially since the instances of those who could not control the transformation far outnumbered instances of those who could. Of course, your biological mother, despite being unable to control her fuzzy side, never really was a threat in the first place." Twinky blurt out at the mention of his mother, "Where is she?" The agent jumped and looked around nervously before coming back with, "Don't worry about her. She's in custody at the moment, not exactly the best place to be but there were certain security risks involved. Besides, I'm pretty sure she prefers not randomly ending up naked in the middle of a forest." Twinky said, "I don't suppose there's any chance I can see her." The agent replied, "Actually, we were hoping to hire you. Your ... special abilities would be of especially valuable assistance to the agency. Pay is pretty good too." Twinky asked, "What would I be doing?" The agent answered, "Mostly reconnaissance and espionage. I don't know about you but I wouldn't suspect a nearby forest critter of spying on me." Twinky sighed, "It's going to be dangerous isn't it?" The agent said, "I guess this isn't a good time to mention the mandatory marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat courses." Twinky shook his head while looking at the ground, "I'm sorry about this. I just want to live a normal life and I'd prefer not to have any excitement." The agent noted, "It may be a bit too late for late for that." When Twinky looked up in confusion, the agent continued, "The thing about looking out for aliens and cryptids? Well, the two categories aren't mutually exclusive, especially in your case. Some body-snatching alien race that appears to have been the source of all the weres seems to have taken a raging hatred towards those that can control their transformation and have been hunting them down. We've already confirmed 3 dead and there may be more to come. If I were you, I'd go into hiding and wait until this blows over." Twinky nodded mutely and got up to go. The agent said, "You might be interested in their capabilities." Twinky turned around and said, "What are they?" The agent said, "Their presence seems to cause the shapeshifting for some reason. However, the parasite controls the transformation and the host's actions in the transformed state. They are still capable of controlling the host's actions when not transformed but don't always do so." The agent then noted two men in dark suits and sunglasses headed for Twinky, "I think you might want to steer clear of those two. I get the feeling they ain't here for the merch." It was then when one reached inside his suit and pulled out a badge, "Mr. Clive Lewis, I'm with the FBI and I'd like to ask you to come with ..." It was then that the agent karate chopped the MIB in the throat, stomped on the back of his leg, and grabbed his arm to throw him to the ground, "Nice try faker!" Twinky froze as the agent kneed the other MIB in the groin then flipped him over his back to bring him slamming onto his head. The agent then turned towards Twinky and said, "For crying out loud! Run!" Twinky didn't need any more encouragement to book it.

Twinky ran for his life taking his heart and his legs to the absolute limit just to get more speed. He ran faster than he ever had in his entire life, almost losing traction with the ground and slipping. He then hid in a nearby bathroom, went into a stall, then changed back into human form. He muttered light obscenities as he pulled his boxers back up to prevent him from showing a crescent moon through his pants. Man, that was going to be tough to explain. He then pulled out his cell phone and made a call to Marcus. As the phone rang, Twinky muttered, "Come on, come on. Answer it! Please!" When the call came through, Twinky immediately spewed, "MarcuswegottogetoutofhereMeetmeatthecarquick." Marcus said, "Whoa, hey? Are you alright? Slow down." Twinky took some deep breaths then said in a panicked voice, "Listen Marcus, something important just came up. I got to get back to the campus now!" Marcus said, "What's going on?" Twinky replied, "There's no time for that. Just meet me at the car." Marcus sighed, "Okay, whatever." Twinky opened the door to go out but immediately closed it when he saw the two MIBs looking around for him. He kept the door open a crack to keep an eye on them. After a few seconds, someone behind him impatiently said, "Excuse me!" Twinky turned around to see a young man looking at him disapprovingly. The man said, "What the hell is your problem? You retarded or something?" Twinky meekly walked away from the door while muttering, "Sorry." As soon as the man was gone, Twinky looked back outside to see that the two MIBs were gone. He immediately ran out and made a beeline toward the parking not noticing the same man who had given him grief inside the bathroom saying, "Oh. Now you're in a hurry." Twinky managed to get to the car without a problem but had to wait an agonizing 2 minutes to wait for Marcus to get back. When he did, he said, "Where's your fursuit?" Twinky panted, "Don't worry about it. Let's just go." Marcus sighed, "Alright, alright. No need to get your twat in a knot. We're going."

A blue-furred vixen stood in an alleyway keeping her plasma pistol trained on two MIBs with messed up suits situated in an intersection, "Man, the AMIB is getting sloppy. Didn't even notice the technomage nearby ready to teleport your tails to a secluded area to do whatever she wishes. And what the squid is up with those stupid suits?" One of the MIBs got up and said, "This doesn't concern you ma'am," as he started moving towards the vixen but she twitched the plasma pistol in his direction and shook her head. He stalled for a bit before continuing, "I suggest you leave now before you get into trouble." The vixen smirked, "I'm already in trouble with you guys. What I want to know is why the AMIB is getting all worked up about that particular skunk. What's he ever done to you?" The other MIB started to say, "Lady, that man is a ticking time bomb waiting to..." but was cut off by a bullet to the head before he could finish. The vixen stared in shock as both MIBs fell to the ground dead from the distinct airy clacking sounds of suppressed gunshots. Two agents in plainclothes came from behind the intersection's corners carrying suppressed M9s. They pointed their guns at the vixen's position and yelled, "Freeze!" but found only empty air. As they holstered their weapons, a third agent walked up and said, "That was a little extreme. Shouldn't we have given them a chance to leave the hosts before shooting?" The first one noted, "For these X-rays, we already did. Twice." The second agent spoke up, "What should we do about the vixen?" The third agent said, "You mean ANSOC-022? Let her go, she's not worth it." He then sighed, this was going to be absolute hell with the paperwork.
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