Author Topic: Evidence that Cyantian combat has a medieval paradigm  (Read 1241 times)

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Evidence that Cyantian combat has a medieval paradigm
« on: May 14, 2014, 07:51:14 pm »
I've been rereading the archives, especially of the Darius subcomic, and I've been noticing some things about Cyantian military operations and what it reveals. The key thing is that they seem to have a very medieval approach to warfare as is evidenced by various things.

1) Brightly colored armor: I somewhat understand that some people have complained about the very garishly colored armor that Cyantian high-class warriors have worn in the comic. While this would be a problem with modern industrial combat, any combat paradigm prior to the industrial one would not have been that much affected by such visibility. This is mainly due to the fact that there was a huge difference between how close you needed to get to see an enemy and how close you needed to get to kill him. Even during musket warfare, garishly colored uniforms were standard due to the fact that it was more important to be seen by your own guys than to not be seen by the enemy.

2) Differently colored armor: Let me just make this clear, customizing your uniform's looks to your likings in most combat paradigms is often a surefire way to cause friendly fire. However, with the medieval paradigm, there was a focus on small units where most of the fighters knew each other by name and, as such, there was not that much of a focus on telling friend from foe. This was compounded by the fact that if you were trying to kill an enemy, you were usually breathing down his neck at the time.

3) Syrys taking point position: This has been a rather controversial part of my arguments so let me clear things up. Syrys is a legendary hero of ages past and his exploits have been passed around all of Cyantia painting him as some kind of war god. His face is probably all over the world in many different paintings and military scholars would most definitely want to study him because of his successes. Not to mention that he is a pure white wolf, which is, as Ada explained, a good sign that he's an elite wolf and part of the royalty. Based on this, taking point position on an infantry assault would be an almost surefire way for some enterprising marksman to take several shots at him. Syrys is one of the highest ranked officers in the Centralis military due to his past experience, which is evidenced by his direct lines of communication to the civilian leadership. Some that highly ranked has no business at the point position in infantry operations ... in post-medieval warfare. As for medieval warfare and before, the danger of catching a stray bullet did not exist but generals were needed at the frontlines to boost morale and give timely orders. In this context, Syrys's decision to lead the charge makes perfect sense.

Based on all this, Rama's decision to dupe the US out of some second-hand armaments takes on a new dimension. Thing is, he'd been spending the last 400 years on Earth and has probably witnessed how our military system evolved to where it is today and even gotten pretty good at fighting that way himself. (If I ever put Rama in a video game as a boss fight, he's probably going to be some seemingly aimbotting sniper) Imagine how he would feel if he gets back to his home planet and finds that the military thinking of the locals has changed little from when he left. You can bet your butt that he is going to try to get a hold of Mr. 200-meter headshot and all of his brothers.
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