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Lethal weapons of the AMIB
« on: January 10, 2014, 08:48:00 pm »
Once again, I've gone on a Cyantian hard science kick and have come up with some rather interesting topics. First thing, the AMIB's objective is primarily research but there are times when they need to kill some problematic character and I want to talk about those times. As such, I have postulated some lethal armaments that the AMIB might use for a number of things.

M-16 rifle:
Let me make this perfectly clear, the M-16 rifle did not become the primary armament for many nations around the world because it looks pretty. It is a very effective weapons system capable of incredible long-range accuracy while having a very small amount of recoil, even in auto-fire. The round it fires, despite many reports to the contrary, creates massive wounds that can cause serious damage to anyone it hits, so much so that I doubt even an elite could easily survive a hit. The one biggest problem is that it doesn't do well against Cyantian armor but since agents run into unarmored targets quite frequently, even by the time of Campus Safari, this weapon would definitely be a contender.

M-14 rifle:
This one would probably be used for those moments when more range is needed or some low-grade armor is getting in the way. Still, I doubt it would see much use beyond initial contact stages.

M-107 rifle:
Ah yes, the good old Barrett semi-automatic .50 anti-materiel rifle. Being outmatched by Cyantian armor, the AMIB would definitely need some heavier firepower than usual and the Barrett delivers. It can fire Raufoss ammunition, which is basically a High-Explosive Anti-Tank charge in a bullet. Raufoss ammunition can penetrate 2 inches of rolled homogenous steel armor so, based on the idea that Cyantian combat armor is 1 inch thick, it would be very useful throughout declared hostilities. There is the problem that it's unwieldy, has little ammo, recoils heavily, and is generally worthless in Close-Quarters. It would be good for guerrilla attacks but not much else.

Hunting weapons:
I could definitely see the AMIB using generic hunting weapons so as to not draw attention. This can be anything from a shotgun to a bolt-action rifle to an AR-10. However, these would be only be useful when going after a small amount of unarmored targets like that werewolf hunter in No Angel.

Virus injector rounds:
Let me make this perfectly clear, I am ONLY including this possibility because it was in the original canon. The technical difficulties behind making such a round are incredible and there are much better alternatives. First things first, for them to have a remote chance of working, only handgun rounds can be utilized but that makes sense since only handgun rounds would need this extra lethality. Rifles tend to leave massive wounds but handguns tend to just drill a small hole into their target. With a normal human, that would cause a need for medical attention immediately but it wouldn't even register on an elite's medical schedule. However, using the bullet to inject a virus is quite possibly the worst way to increase lethality since the virus takes time to take hold and on the battlefield, there is an emphasis on dropping the target in a matter of seconds, not hours. There's also the fact that the friction of a bullet entering flesh causes enough heat to sterilize the wound and any internal storage on the bullet could easily get compromised by the bullet deforming and leave the virus open to the friction heat. Ultimately this is just an overcomplicated way to improve handgun lethality, especially when you have:

Explosive rounds:
Yes, this will violate the Hague Convention but I think it's pretty clear that the AMIB doesn't give a s*** about the rules of war. Creating an explosive handgun round is simple enough, just hollow it out and add an explosive compound of your choice but given the kind of wounds these things create, I really don't blame Tiff for including injector rounds instead of these. Blowing Sean's arm completely off is a bit of a ratings breaker. :P

Pulsed Impulsive Kill Laser:
If one remembers my post on less-than-lethal weapons, this is pretty much a Pulsed Energy Projectile set to be lethal, so you might want to look at that. It also has the advantage of making the cause of death very hard to find with Terran forensics making it easier to covertly ... kill .. alien sympathi- ... moving on!

Captured Alien Weaponry:
Advantages: Easily the most combat effective to be issued to foot soldiers.
Disadvantages: Undocumented features, bad maintenance, lack of available ammunition due to low intensity of conflict, general all-round s***ty logistics.

Gyrojet rifle:
During the 1960's two hobbyist firearms developers decided to experiment with the idea of making an infantry weapon that launches rockets instead of using compressed gas to expel a slug. However, poor quality control made their weapons inaccurate and consigned the project to the dustbin. Due to the fact that a large amount of their weapons used larger caliber rounds then equivalent conventional guns and rocket rounds often contained explosives, I can definitely see the AMIB reviving this concept to create a more effective method of getting through Cyantian armor than the Barrett rifles.

Biological and Chemical weapons:
While we're talking about committing war crimes, why don't we bring this up. The biggest reason that these weapons are not used by modern militaries is because they are just as dangerous to the users as they are to the enemies. However, when talking about aliens with widely varying biological structures, this possibility can easily be almost completely eliminated. I can definitely see the AMIB using these. (Want some blankets?)

Fighter jets:
The AMIB is definitely going to want to use these to conduct closer studies of any UFOs and even shoot them down should the need arise. I do, however, see a problem in acquiring them since they are expensive and if one is lost, the Agency is going to have a lot of trouble trying to explain that to the public. There's also the problem of whether the pilot answers to the Air Force or the Agency and how much you want to keep him in the loop while not compromising the secrecy of the Agency.

Nuclear SAMs:
Tiff did mention this in the Shivae Wiki but after some research and deliberation, I've decided that Nuclear PSMs (Planet-to-Space Missiles) would be a better choice. Thing is that detonating a nuclear weapon anywhere close to Earth is going to draw a lot of attention due the EMP blast and the fact that you just flouted a large amount of international treaties. However, the US already has the capability to send a small payload anywhere in the solar system so why not have that payload be a nuclear bomb? The reason why the AMIB would prefer a nuke to, say, a kinetic missile is that nukes do not need to be as accurate as any other attack method and are more likely to take out the target without getting intercepted by any point-defense systems. A lot of you may think that the blast is going to blow apart the target but in space, there isn't going to be any air to conduct that blast to the target. This also means that there isn't any air to dissipate the radiation coming from the bomb so any ship caught in the blast is likely going to have all of their critical systems destroyed and their entire crew dying from radiation sickness. These missiles would be very slow in comparison to any aliens in the vicinity of Earth so each launch is going to require a lot of planning and a lot of dumb luck. Also, there's the fact that their purpose has to be disguised every time in order to stand a chance against more advanced point-defense systems but it's pretty much the best the AMIB has when dealing with threats in space. However, there is the possibility that the Terrans are going to continue using nukes after First Contact is made because of their use in privateering. With more powerful Cyantian propulsion systems, their utility would be greatly increased but energy weapons would be more practical if the cargo of the target ship is not particularly important or if the target ship has better armament than your average merchant.
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Re: Lethal weapons of the AMIB
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2014, 07:29:04 pm »
Time to bring out the Mecha and do the stomp-squishy thing!  :laugh:
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Re: Lethal weapons of the AMIB
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2014, 09:38:15 pm »
Keep in mind that Cyantians have both physical armor and energy barrier technology they can use, as well as access to a form of subspace for their gear.

That said, Cyantians do still need to be on guard when in "enemy" territory.  Not really much more I can add, as details behind exactly how the AMIB operate are sketchy at best.  And while they are very secretive, we don't know for sure they're as hidden from the upper military circles as the more recent movie versions, and if so how they would be held accountable for their actions.

Certainly some of the ideas you would suggest would not fly if the top generals have any sway, at least not without very clear justification.  And if they operate completely clear of answering to the US military, then they won't be recognized by them either, which makes other options iffy for different reasons.
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