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Board permissions FAQ
« on: April 13, 2013, 10:32:56 pm »
I wanted to be sure all members were informed of the general structure of the forums, so here it goes.

General Forums
Entertain Me! (including Mature)
General Discussion
Mars Academy RPG FAQ
Mars Academy OOC
Character Planning
Character Registration

These forums are designed to be accessible to everyone registered to the forums, although content disclaimers may apply to "Mature" forums
  * Any forum member can freely create new topics and reply to existing topics, including creating a thread with with a poll, and edit it at will.
  * At 50 posts, a "Newbie" becomes a "Jr Member" and earns the ability to edit their posts, attach files, lock their threads and polls, and post new polls in old threads they started.
  * At 100 posts, a "Jr Member" becomes a "Full Member" and can now post a poll in any topic, as well as delete their own posts, polls, and threads.
  * Recognized members, as well as MARPG Approved players (including Alumni) have full member privileges regardless of post count.

  * Please do not post a character to Registration before you've given members a chance to critique your character's profile in planning and give them a stamp of approval to move on.

Creative Forums
Creative Corner (including Mature)
Cyantian Chronicles GNIPs

These are also for the most part accessible to all forum members, however there are a few differences.
  * The person who starts a topic has control over that thread, because of the likelihood that the topic is a work of their own creation.  As such, the topic creator has the ability to modify any post within their topic, and can also delete any replies if they are Full Members.
  * As such, Jr Member status is required to create a new topic in these forums, but any member may freely reply to existing topics.
  * As above, members in the Recognized, RPG Approved, and RPG Alumnus member groups have the benefit of Full Member status.


  This is the portal to Mars Academy roleplaying.  In order to post here, you either have to have an approved character, or have successfully registered a character to test for 30 days.  Moderators will grant you access to Spaceport to test if you successfully register your character.  As the focus here is roleplay, polls are currently disabled for it.

MARPG & Character Information

  These areas require RPG Approved status to post in, as anything contained within is considered canon to MARPG.  No polls avavilable here either.

Archive Forums

  These areas are visible to anyone who wishes to peruse the history of past MARPG threads.  Only moderators can actually post anything though. 

  * Recognized & Senior Members will also discover something called "Forum 80", which is an RP project from the distant past which has long since gone dormant.
  * Forum 80 members have the ability to post to Forum 80 should they choose to do so.

Registration Discussion

  Registration Discussion is a hidden subforum where MARPG Approved players go to discuss any characters currently in testing.  It serves as the voting booth for a character.  It is forbidden to discuss the contents of this forum with those in testing.

  * RPG Alumni has read-only access so they can keep tabs on things if they like.
  * Access to this forum is removed for any player who has a character being tested, moderators and administrators included.  The member group "RPG Moderator" was created as a way to allow Moderators to continue moderating the rest of the forums while not being able to see discussion of their character.
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