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Jyala Oppa
« on: March 06, 2013, 07:34:53 pm »
Full Name: Jyala Oppa
Species: Northern Otter
Age: 23
Type: Student
Function: Aviation, Survival

"Well, that was a learning experience."
"You know, I think I like you."
"We must do that again."

What things does she like?
A large variety of activities, mostly physical and active.  She also likes knowing she's done her best in something, even if she loses.  She likes the company of those who share a similar zeal for life.  She enjoys hiking, martial arts, aviation, rock-climbing, and dabbles in some sports.

She takes a particular dislike to negative and egotistical attitudes, and avoids those who have them.  She also hates it when she doesn't do her best.  She hates being idle, but has been known to sit quietly and take in scenery on occasion.

What are the strong points of your character?
Jyala has an indomitable spirit and her cheerful nature tends to brighten the day of those around her.  She is very fit, has high stamina, as well as being fairly intelligent and has knowledge in a number of fields.  Her diverse skillset makes her very adaptable.

Weak points?
Jyala finds it difficult to confront others, or to speak negative thoughts, even if they are constructive.  It's not in her nature.
Jyala is not the benchmark for any of her skills, despite always doing well.
Jyala may have occasional trouble taking time out to rest, stretching herself thin with a flurry of activity.

Name one thing your character would never do and why.
Jyala's cheerful personality keeps her from dwelling on the negative.  This includes the statement, "Well, it could be worse."
She is also not the sort to badmouth others, as life is too short not to focus on the good things.

How does she interact with others?
Jyala is almost always cheerful, somewhat talkative, and usually in the company of others.  She will tend to avoid those with negative personalities, but enjoys talking with almost anyone else.

What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at?
Jyala is physically fit and active, and an avid hiker, a competent martial artist, and a decent rock climber.  She has also shown potential to be a great pilot, has some skill with mechanical and electronic devices, a passable cook, and a number of other things. 
(One notable skill not in here, she isn't an engineering type.  Best she can do there is to jury-rig an item.)

Tools of the trade  She has some basic tools she uses for her hobbies, but she tends to only carry a multitool in normal situations.

Give an example description of your character.
Jyala is 3'7" with slick solid-brown fur and emerald eyes. She had no "hair" on top of her fur, and is small-chested, like most of her relatives.  Her physique is consistent with that of a typical Terran otter.  She normally dresses in loose-fitting clothes in neutral colors.

Pending approval of all involved, her fur may be dyed magenta for the meantime.

Why is it essential to your character to be here in the Mars Academy?
Jyala is interested to seeing as much of the world as possible, and Mars struck her as a chance of a lifetime.

What are their qualifications?
While Jyala isn't the best in any particular field, she has shown herself to be very capable in a variety of areas.

What traits do they have that are useful to the future colony?
Her high spirits and athleticism are combined with high intelligence, for a combination that is capable of succeeding in a number of fields, including her chosen field of aviation.

What are their goals in being here?
Short Term: To do her best in all she does.  To live life to its fullest.  To explore and report on everything she can.
Long Term:  To become a top-level pilot and survival expert, so that she can explore a great deal of the world.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of her species?
They really ought to get out and see the world.  Otter culture, though, has been a very positive experience, and one she looks to to guide her.

What is his or her view on other species?
There's good and bad in all Species.  Take each individual on their own merits, and try to see the positive. 
She is slightly nervous around gryphons, as it was a gryphon who killed her sister.

Character History and Family
Jyala is the second oldest of four, having an older brother, and two younger sisters.  Sadly, the elder of the two sisters died tragically.

Jyala grew up in a happy home in Northern lands, and was especially close to her two sisters.  Her parents raised her to always try her hardest, and then be content with whatever the result is.  She was active from a very young age, and she enjoyed hearing letters from her paternal grandmother read to her.

When she was 6, her grandmother has grown old enough to settle down after a lifetime of travelling all over various areas of Cyantia, and Grandma moved in with the Oppas.  Jyala and the other young otters would often gather around as stories were told of her travels.

At the age of 9, tragedy struck, as her younger sister, aged 8 at the time, was killed by a pair of gryphons.  Jyala and her two sisters had been exploring the woods when Jyala heard her sister cry out.  The men of the village chased the gryphons off, but it was too late to save her life.  Jyala and her youngest sister had not been allowed near when it happened, and Jyala was very anxious and in tears.

As the two were very close, Jyala took the news of her death hard, entering a depressive state for a couple of months, barely leaving her home.  It was owing to the kind words and intervention of her grandmother that Jyala was able to accept the loss.  Grandma had admitted it was hard on her as well, and that she had experienced similar feelings when her husband had passed away, but she encouraged Jyala to remember the good things, and to live out her life as best she could despite the loss.

Jyala listened, and her sorrow was funneled into becoming even more active than she had been, although she hadn't fully recovered from the blow.

Three years later, Grandma grew ill, and was often in pain.  Yet somehow, she seemed as cheerful as ever.  Even when the doctors announced there was little they could do, Grandma still seemed happy.  Jyala was visibly unhappy though, sometimes angry, sometimes aggressive in her activities.  Seeing this, Grandma called Jyala into her room, and talked to her.

Grandma told Jyala not to mourn for her.  She had lived a full, happy life with no regrets.  She was with family and good friends.  It was difficult now, yes, but all would be made well in the end, and life would continue.  These things happened.  Life wasn't always fair, but the Creator was good to his people, and the bad things would pass away.  And that was her secret.  She focused on the good things, the blessings, the memories of her past.

Jyala visited Grandma day after day, listening to stories, examining various artifacts Grandma had kept, and Grandma's attitute rubbed off on her.  When Grandma died a month later, Jyala missed her, but she wasn't the sad little girl she had been the last time.  Grandma's lesson had sunk in.

After this, Jyala was inspired to find out about the rest of the world, desiring to see it for herself.  There was some basic information, but it was sometimes difficult for her to find the details she wanted.  When people would come in from out of town, she would often ask them what they had seen.  She was disappointed so few of her fellow villagers seemed interested in anything beyond their town and neighboring towns.

As she grew into adulthood, some who had known her grandmother commented how very much alike they were, to the point that someone suggested she seek out a good academy to learn a trade from.  Aviation seemed a very good choice to her, as it meant she would be mobile, and able to see a lot of different places.  It isn't clear who first told her about the Academy opening up at Mars, but when she heard of it, she immediately applied, and was accepted.  Jyala promised she would keep in contact with home, sending news of what she found, just as Grandma had done.  Perhaps one day, she could come back, tell the little kids stories, and become like the one person she most admired.
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