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« on: February 06, 2013, 10:01:00 am »
Just a note that I will be checking in periodically and when all the work is done, I will try to come in and play a bit more with those who have asked.
Right now, I have two conventions to work for, Furry Fiesta at the end of this month and Brony Fest at the end of next month!  Then, no more conventions.
On top of that, I have various Kickstarter work.  Like the 10 pieces of art I must get done and more button and charm designs for Alien Dice (February's), Perhaps an Abby's Agency printing Kickstarter in March, with a real run of professionally printed volumes, followed by a small Kickstarter for Shivae! - I'd like to make some Shivae! charms. :D  May might be me actually moving forward on an Alien Dice collected volume.  If I do, it's likely to be 96 pages long and 8x10.5 or so.  So I have a busy spring, but the bulk of that work is actually just the one that started!

- Tiff