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Veronica Fleet
« on: December 15, 2012, 08:36:34 pm »
Rejected 1/15

Full Name: Veronica Fleet

Species: Rabbit (female)

Age: 19

Type: Civilian, student

Function: Messenger, general studies

Quote: "Convince me."

How much experience do you have with role-playing? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.? Been on MA RPG since January 2008

What is your character's personality? She's surprisingly upbeat for someone with her history. Perhaps it's because she's grateful for the new life she has. In any case, she's soft-spoken and intelligent (though not well-educated), friendly, generous, and at times flirtatious. She can get depressed sometimes though. She's quite conflicted, and is getting used to being accepted, despite being marked as infertile.

What things does s/he like? She likes cheesy romance novels. I can't imagine why. The kind of novels that go like "Oh, John!" "Oh, Marsha!" "I love you!" "Then marry me!" "I will!" THE END. The cheesier, the better. Fantasy versions of the same thing will be enjoyed ten times more. "Oh, Luke!" "Oh, Jenna!" "I love you!" "Then marry me!" "I will!" "Then let us defeat this dragon with our love!" *dragon defeated with the power of love* THE END. :P It will have her gushing tears of romantic joy.

Dislike? Incredibly graphic violent stories or gory ones. They bother her. A good scary one is okay, but those tend to give her nightmares and make her skittish for a while.
Also, when people call her Veronica Feet or somehow intentionally mangle her name.

What are the strong points of your character? She's healthy and athletic, friendly, and generous. She's rather savvy, and despite her ditzy appearance, she knows more than she lets on. Hitting rock-bottom has given her a bit of insight on people.

Weak points? She has some self-esteem issues, since she was shunned, but she is confident in her looks.

Name one thing your character would never do and why. She will never go back to being a prostitute. She found that very degrading and at times just a painful life to live, and knows that she can do better now.

How does s/he interact with others? Kind of flirty, very friendly, will grow somewhat clingy if people are foolish enough to let her. (She's hard to pry off). While she may be soft-spoken, she's eager to make friends, but she does try to keep in mind that people might have ulterior motives hidden behind outward actions.

What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at? She's a good runner. She's got lots of practice at that. Reading. (see likes)

MENTION if they carry some sort of weapon.

Give an example description of your character. Veronica is a pretty rabbit with mostly cream colored fur, though it is white under her chin and down her neck and torso to her inner thighs, where it comes back up to the underside of her tail. This can be seen when she wears her skimpy bathing suits and such. She has blue eyes and sandy blond hair. She knows she's attractive, and takes advantage of this, wearing clothes that emphasize this. She likes casual clothes, like jeans and comfortable shirts, which she likes to have somewhat tight to show off her body.
Her ears are notched about halfway up, so they fold when she holds them up, and they tend to flop into her face. She usually tries to keep them laid back, so the marks are less noticeable. In height, she is about 5 feet, not including her ears.

What qualities or traits does your character have that would be useful to the Mars Academy currently, or in the future when it becomes a colony? This includes skills, and for those that would need to apply, qualifications.
Veronica is athletic, which helps in her job as a delivery girl. She hopes to find a job for which she is even better suited.

Why does your character want to be at the Academy rather than at another Academy, or some other location? Veronica came to the academy with a close friend, and wants to remain with her. It's much better than what could have been.

What goals does your character have for the future? Her original goal of having a family of her own was shattered when she was cast out of her warren for being barren, so she's been sorting out her life and trying to find something that she can be good at and enjoy. She's essentially been forced to reorganize her life, so she's kind of trying to figure her goals out. She's taking some basic courses, and hopes that some of those will help her find the direction she wants to go with her life.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species? Having grown up in a large family that practiced the old ways where the female was dominant, she thinks the male-dominated society of most rabbits is ridiculous and chauvinistic. She was horrified when she was found to be barren, and much of her world was turned upside down.

What is his or her view on other species? The wolves were immensely kind to take her in after what happened. The fact that her ears were notched and they treated her no differently surprised her, and she began to form a very good opinion on them.
As for mounties, they vary from one to the next. Some can be generous, others unkind. She's pretty much only known them from the viewpoint of a desperately poor woman, so she's not going to hold this as a prejudice or anything.
She's very suspicious of foxes, having heard a lot of the general opinion on them, but does not want to pass judgement on them prematurely.

Please answer the following in a couple paragraphs: What is your character's history? Who is or was your characters family? What were the important events of your characters past? What kind of life did they have before they arrived at the academy?
Veronica was born into a large family of rabbits (about average size for a family of rabbits) in a warren that still practiced the "old ways" where the females were the leaders of the family. She was raised to think that to become a mother would be her greatest honor, and looked forward to finding herself a good mate and raising a family.
When she reached the age of 13, she found a boy she was really fond of and they began courting. Before she reached 16, it was discovered that she could not have children, and her ears were notched and she was shunned. At this point she began a life as a beggar, traveling for a while and eventually ending up in mounty territory. Due to her good looks, she was asked to join a brothel, which she refused several times. Shortly before she turned 17, she grew desperate enough to accept.
One day, when she was 18, a travelling wolf spotted her as she was heading into the brothel, and he decided that this was no place for such a young girl. He insisted that she come back to the wolf territories and get a proper job working for him in a delivery service. So, in the wolf territory, she had a job delivering packages, but no home. After a couple months on the streets, a coworker caught her sleeping in an alley and insisted she come live with her. When the she-wolf enrolled in Mars Academy, she asked Veronica to come with her, and Veronica gladly accepted.
On Mars, Veronica soon got a job delivering packages, and even took a couple of general classes to bring her education up to standard. Now she's trying to decide whether she wants to take any specific courses or just continue working at the academy.

If you're applying for a character that's been at the academy a while, what's happened to them at the academy? How have they spent their time here?
She has taken (and is taking) some courses to bring her back up to the standard level of education. She's gotten a job as a messenger.
She can be seen in the food fight in the Shameless flirt thread here and here.
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