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New Life [fanfiction]
« on: July 30, 2012, 11:35:26 am »
Decided to do another fanfic:

Travis Moore walked into the conference room where Syrys was waiting. The wolf strode over to where he stood and asked, "How's it going connecting the Cyantian and Terran internets?"

Travis stated, "Pretty good, can we get straight to business?"

Syrys said, "About ... X-COM you said?"

Travis started, "X-COM has been around in one form or another as long as I have. A UFO crash in White Sands Missile Range facilitated their creation as a multi-national task force researching any contacts and considering whether or not they are a threat. They've run into a whole gamut of species but the one they've most encountered by far are the 'Vulpinoids' as they call them."

Syrys said, "Foxes."

Travis said, "It's fair to say that Vulpinoids represent the entire universe to humans but for the past ten years, they have recently been aggressively attacking any local contacts or relevant detection device and X-COM strongly suspects that they have been abducting Terrans, never to return."

Syrys whistled, "Why did you try to leak those files if they painted such a negative picture of us?"

Travis replied, "X-COM isn't much better. Ever since they cut themselves off from the governments of the world seven years ago their practices have become questionable to put it mildly. They regularly use electroshock torture as an interrogation method and have performed many arrests and searches without a warrant. They also have the power to revoke the citizenship of any suspected collaborator without a trial and the containment center that they use is a finely dressed slaughterhouse. I couldn't let that slide."

Syrys trailed off, "... without a warrant?"

"I'll get into the finer details of American culture later. Right now, I'll talk about the containment center." Travis pulled out his tablet and brought up a map. "This is the containment center, where all of the subjects of the North American project, except Lucas of course, reside. X-COM shut down the project after the people in charge started getting 'insubordinate', understandably so if what I've read is correct. It is situated in the desert in the middle of nowhere. It's very well camouflaged and is protected by M2 machine guns and Barrett 82 sniper rifles on all sides. It is also sitting on a stockpile of Javelin, Patriot, and THAAD missiles designed to counter any airborne or armored threat. There are several guards patrolling the area armed with semi-automatic rifles that have been proven to breach Cyantian armor while on operations. If all that fails, they still have a MOAB bomb to destroy everything in case the area is about to be taken over."

Syrys thought hard for a moment, "Can we do a night op?"

Travis shook his head, "Won't work, the guards are carrying night-vision goggles. They'll see us from a long way away."

"Some kind of smokescreen maybe?"

"Even then, any forces you have will be unprepared and underarmed to take the in-base guards."

Syrys threw up his hands, "Do you have any ideas?"

Travis smirked to himself at having led the wolf straight into his hands.
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Re: New Life [fanfiction]
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2012, 11:36:00 am »
Colonel Johnson walked back to his office, went inside, and locked the door. He sighed, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Seemed like his life was nothing but paperwork. He set his coffee cup on his desk and shuffled through all the papers. Eventually, he gave up and stared blankly ahead.

At that moment, the figure of a young man dress in a formal, white shirt with a tie and black slacks faded into view out of thin air. The Colonel made a surprised sound and jumped back sliding his chair across the floor. The man said, "Colonel Johnson I presume?"

Colonel Johnson weakly nodded; the man continued, "You took an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic, is that right?"

Colonel Johnson muttered out loud, "Someone just materialized in my office and asked me about my oath."

The man sighed and exasperatedly said, "Just answer the question."

The Colonel sputtered out, "Yes! Who are you? WHAT are you? What do you want?"

The man continued, "I'm here to talk to about the greatest domestic threat to the Constitution since its inception, even greater than all the BS coming out of the Cold War. My name is Travis Moore."

Colonel Johnson incredulously said, "Travis Moore? All this time reading your blog, I thought you were a kook! Now to find out that some of that bulls*** is true?"

Travis waited, the Colonel calmed down and said, "Okay, I've heard about this 'X-COM' and you want to prove to me that it's true. Go ahead, I'm listening."

Travis stated, "Their real name is '90'. I left a backdoor into their system, if you'll give me access to SIPRNET, I'll show you everything."

Colonel Johnson said, "Let me get this straight, a wanted felon and known hacker is asking me to give him access to a secret network in order to support some blowhard conspiracy theories?"

Travis sighed and looked away ashamedly, "I know it's a long shot but..." he sighed, bowed his head, and shook it dejectedly.

Colonel Johnson threw up his hands and said, "Okay, whatever."

After working on the keyboard of the Colonel's SIPRNet-enabled computer, Travis brought up all of X-COM's files. He muttered, "Ten months and they still haven't figured it out," then backed away from the computer, brought out his MP3 player, and started listening to his favorite Sabaton albums.

After listening to a couple of songs, Travis heard the Colonel yell at him. Travis jumped to turn off his MP3 player and answered the Colonel. The Colonel said, "Sheesh, how many times does it take?" Travis nervously looked off to one side and rubbed his neck, "Eh-heh, sorry."

The Colonel said, "Alright, you've convinced me."

Travis replied, "Did you look over everything? 'Cause if they find out your connection to the Cyantians, all the service in the world won't matter."

The Colonel buried his face in his hands, "Christ! When I drove to work today, I didn't think I would be signing a pact with aliens to take down a conspiracy!"

Travis paused, then replied, "Yeah, well. When I rode the train to the NSA ten months ago, I didn't think I would become a wanted fugitive the next day. To be honest, I've contemplated suicide multiple times since then."

An uneasy silence settled over the room, Travis continued, "I get the feeling that the more men you bring into this, the less willing X-COM will be to detain all of you. Sort of defeats the purpose of a secret conspiracy when you're breaking up a large partisan group nested in Delta Force." He reached into his pocket, brought out a device that looked like a flip-phone, and set it on the Colonel's desk, "I'll use this quantum communicator to talk to you in the future."

The Colonel said, "Just one thing. How do I know that this isn't some sort of insidious conspiracy using alien technology."

Travis replied, "Colonel, that thinking got X-COM to where they are today. You have to let your decisions be governed by facts, not unsupported possibilities. You just have to accept that if that's the case, there's nothing you can or will be able to do about it."

A knocking sound came from the door, "Colonel Johnson, I'd like to see you." The Colonel motioned to Travis to get out but Travis held up his hand to comfort the Colonel. Colonel Johnson got up, unlocked the door, and opened it to reveal a young Private carrying a stack of papers. "Just got a new batch of orders ... who's this?"

Travis got up and extended his hand, "name's Steven Anderson, I'm an intelligence analyst. Nice to meet you Private ... Ramirez"

Ramirez said, "Pleasure's mine ... uh," Colonel Johnson relieved the Private of his papers so that he and Travis could shake hands.

Travis said, "Just got finished talking with the Colonel, actually, would it be okay if the Private here escorted me off the base?"

Colonel Johnson said, "Yeah, yeah."

Travis managed to get off with only a slight altercation with gate security. As he rode a bus away from the base, he quietly celebrated. After all this time, he was finally getting somewhere.
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"Combat is the crack cocaine of all excitement highs-with crack cocaine costs."
-Karl Marlantes, Vietnam veteran

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Re: New Life [fanfiction]
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2012, 11:36:38 am »
At 90's containment center, a guard sighed and lifted his night-vision goggles. Pitch black. He knew the inherent dangers of the job. He'd been on several patrols of suspected areas and had come under laser fire more than once. Blasted things didn't leave any evidence that they had been fired except a dead body. He also knew the danger that Partisan 1 posed to the whole organization. What they were doing was too sensitive to see the light of day and the fact that he had recently announced his defection in a landmark move didn't raise any hope. For all they knew he was some brainwashed sleeper agent, which struck the guard as the most likely reason for his sudden shift in allegiance. Still, he did not suspect an attack here would materialize anytime soon. He lowered his goggles to get a better view of his sector. Not that he would see anything with this bloody sandstorm coming in.

"So I tell them to point their engines at the ground and we'll get enough of a screen to approach the base." The truck rumbled down the sandy desert packed full of soldiers. It was navigating blind using only a GPS but in the empty desert, it was enough.

One of the soldiers said, "Pretty nice trick there Travis."

Travis replied, "Yeah, I'm proud of it Private Upton." He got more serious, "Here's the deal, McAfee, Arroyo, and Stone are in Charlie, they'll clear us a path into the base with their sniper rifles. You think you can do it?"

Stone replied, "Yeah, 200 meters, should be a simple enough shot."

Travis continued, "Ramirez, Grey, you're in Alpha, you'll be escorting Weinstein to the barracks where 90% of the base is sleeping. You will set a bomb in that area large to kill just about anyone in there but leaving little collateral damage. You will then escort him to the MOAB where he will disarm it. After that, set off the barracks bomb. Your team will defend the MOAB for the duration of the mission."

Grey checked her MP-5SD, "Nice and silent."

Travis said, "What about you Weinstein, think you can disarm it?"

Weinstein mutely nodded.

Travis continued, "Okay, Hunt, Upton, you're in Bravo with me. We will clear the rest of the base after the barracks bomb goes off. I don't want ANYONE interfering with our rescue op. After we're done, I'll go to the control center to do my thing. We're to evacuate in a Cyantian cruiser. Any questions?"

Arroyo raised his hand, "Why can't we use any Cyantian equipment?"

"First off, we want to make this look like a purely Terran operation to strike a possible psychological blow to X-COM. Secondly, the Cyantian equipment I have access to was built with medieval combat in mind so it won't do any good breaking into the base. As for why we're using the cruiser, I can hide the evidence that it was there much better than I could hide the evidence of Cyantian infantry equipment."

Weinstein asked, "What kind of weapons can we expect once we get in?"

Travis answered, ".338 Lapua semi-automatic rifles. It was the smallest caliber that reliably penetrated Cyantian armor. We're going to want some of those weapons ourselves, they were in-house jobs and I want to be prepared for everything."

Ramirez asked, "What do we do with the other prisoners?"

"We're going to evacuate all of the prisoners. Captured Vulpinoids would make valuable prisoners to the Wolves. All of the rest are recalcitrant X-COM employees. They could provide valuable intel for us. Everyone of all the other types of aliens and partisans has died already. Anything else?"

No one answered.

Travis switched on his Night-vision goggles, "5 minutes to insertion point."

At the point, Travis dragged out a sand-colored tarp and the entire team got under it with the snipers in Charlie facing towards the base with the camouflaged barrels and scopes of their M110s pointing out from underneath. Travis said into a quantum communicator, "Okay, we're in position, move out." A few minutes later, the sandstorm abated.

Stone said to Arroyo and McAfee, "You guys are going to get the machine-gunners, I'll focus on the rifleman."

Arroyo said, "I've got the target ... now."

McAfee added, "I've got the target."

Stone said, "Fire." Three suppressed shots rang out in the night. Three kills were added to the total.

Travis sharply whispered, "Alpha, Bravo, move!" The two teams raced towards the base. It took a while to cut through the concertina wire surrounding the base but they managed to make it through in good time. When both teams got to the door they were supposed to get in to, Travis swiped a magnetic strip card he had manufactured earlier into the scanner causing a light to turn green. He then got back to behind Bravo team, which was stacked up against its side.

Grey got to the other side of the door, reached out her hand to touch it and nudged it open. She then flipped up her night-vision goggles and slowly nudged around it keeping her gun pointed at the corner until she got in. She motioned to Alpha and they moved in. Travis came in and used a force knife to cut a hole in a wall. After a couple seconds of fiddling with the wiring there, he said, "Security cameras have had their feeds crossed."

Grey got out a map of the base to get her bearings. They moved slowly and arduously towards the barracks clearing the corners and open doorways in the same manner that Grey cleared the front door. A few guards were encountered and quickly dispatched of with short bursts. When Alpha got there, Weinstein pulled out a small package and set it in the middle. He pushed a few buttons on a control panel and said, "It's set to go off in ten minutes."

Alpha then made their way to the bomb site in the usual manner. When they got there, Weinstein came up to it and used several screwdrivers to take it apart piece by piece. He then carefully removed the detonators and said over the radio, "Bomb is inactive." Now came the waiting game.

After an agonizing wait, a large blast rocked the base. Travis hit the bolt release on his REC7 and yelled, "There's the signal go, go, go!" Bravo team ran throughout the base still carefully checking each corner as Alpha did. Whenever they met someone, he went down with a burst of fire. Hunt remarked, "You do this before?" Travis replied, "I've played America's Army, Red Orchestra, sometimes, I go for a little ArmA."

The guard in the control room got up with a start. He looked up at the security feed to see what had gone wrong. After puzzling over the footage he realized with horror that he should have payed more attention to the cameras flickering. He yelled over the intercom, "Intruders on the base, I repeat, intruders on the base. All units respond!" Reports came filtering in. "There are snipers perched outside. We're pinned down!" "I just went to the barracks, it's a bloodbath! Two survivors so far." "We can't hold them off much longer." "Where the hell are they?" The guard activated the secure communicator. He said, "The containment center is under attack, repeat the containment center is under attack."

A voice came back, "Threat model?"

"I'm hearing standard NC-propellant weapons. A charge of C4 went off at the start of the attack."

"Can you hold them off?"

"Negative, most of the base is dead, I'm activating the self-destruct."

"Understood, your service will be honored soldier."

After the initial confusion, the guard realized that the wires had been cut and there was no way to repair it in the state they were in. He re-opened the secure channel, "The self-destruct is non-functional, I repeat-" a shot pierced the guard's skull.

Upton led the team into the control center. A voice was coming from the console, "Hello? What's going on, respond! Hello?"

Travis set up an MP3 player with speakers next to the communicator. He scrolled through the player's menu until he got to the appropriate file. He then pushed play causing a synthesized voice to come out.

"This is a message to the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit formerly under control of the United Nations. You have gone too far. You have lost sight of the people you are trying to protect thus becoming more of a threat than the enemy."

Travis unscrewed a nearby ethernet panel. He cut the wire and soldered in a little device to both ends. He then opened all of the cell doors.

"We are concerned American citizens who believe in the virtues of freedom over security. While we recognize the threat that extraterrestrials pose, we believe that the so called '90 Committee' has overstepped its boundaries in countering the threat. You are not warriors or crusaders. You are terrorists, and you must be destroyed."

Travis had, in the meantime, deactivated all of the aircraft sensors. He punched a code into his quantum communicator while all of the squadmates reacted in shock. Hunt silently muttered, "My God!"

"These poor, oppressed examples of men you have locked in your containment center are but one example of your many sins. Our leader, 'Snake', will guide us to the meeting of our goals. You may call us by one name: 'Philanthropy'."

The entire squad walked towards the cruiser with all of the prisoners in tow.

That's it. Feedback is appreciated.
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